With just one episode to go before the American Horror Story: Cult finale, fans have expected plenty of answers, twists and deaths. This episode, titled “Charles (Manson) in Charge,” shares just how Kai started on his mission to spread fear and despair. Meanwhile, Winter searches for a way out for Beverly, and Ally continues to gain Kai’s trust.

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Bebe’s Connection to Kai Explained

After learning that Bebe and Kai were somehow connected, American Horror Story: Cult kicks off the penultimate episode with the explanation. When Kai physically attacks one of Winter’s mouthy friends, he’s sentenced to anger management classes. Bebe is his therapist and realizes that he can help to continue the work of Valerie Solanas. He is the perfect person to incite female rage and make women band together to rise up against the patriarchy.

So it seems that has been what Kai has been up to all this time, and it has worked. As Kai hosts a gathering to declare why he is running for senator now and who he would like to replace, female protesters gang together and attack. Kai is physically attacked with pepper spray and, unfortunately for Bebe, things have gone too far. Kai has done more than incite female rage.

Is There a Mole in the Cult?

While he continues to work through Bebe’s plan, Kai starts to believe there’s a mole in the cult. He’s certain that there’s a buzzing coming from somewhere in the house and that he’s being betrayed. It likely doesn’t help that he has Charles Manson’s story on his mind, about a man who was betrayed by someone close to him.

During one of his outbursts, Kai closes himself in the room with his decaying parents and brother, and starts suffering hallucinations. First, he sees a dead Vincent talking to him, but Vincent is soon replaced with a vision of Charles Manson. This VisiManson claims that it’s one of the women working against him. There are only three to choose from: Ally, Winter and Beverly.

It doesn’t take long for Ally to prove she’s not the mole. She manages to “find” the cause of the buzzing and, when Kai is almost killed by an angry Bebe, shoots Bebe and saves Kai’s life. The VisiManson is sure that Ally is still faithful.

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Winter Tries to Get Beverly to Freedom

When Kai tells his cult that they need to take Manson’s original plan to bigger extremes, he chooses Gary as the first victim. The ever-loyal Gary is stabbed by various clown mask-wearing members of the cult, and his body is left outside Planned Parenthood.

Beverly is allowed out of isolation to report the news. Kai uses this chance to blame the senator he wants to replace, helping his aim of world domination. However, it’s clear that Beverly is struggling around Kai after being stuck in isolation for so long for a murder she didn’t commit.

Winter apologizes to Beverly for everything she did and offers the reporter a way out. Winter bought a bus ticket to Montana. Believing it to be a test of her loyalty, Beverly makes a show of turning down the bus ticket and storms off.

Kai soon believes that Winter is the mole and wants to know why she no longer talks to him like she used to do. Winter admits that she’s scared of Kai and would like to get away. If she remains, all she will have is the terror. But if she’s allowed to leave him now, she’ll return when everyone else leaves him. She’s happy to kill anyone who tries to leave with her. Kai is happy for her to go and even has a bus ticket for her: to Montana.

Winter knows that Kai has found out what she did, and she’s taken to the basement to face punishment. As the item that “caused the buzzing” is put in front of her as evidence that she’s the mole, she points out that it’s just the battery to her Fitbit. Ally also points out that there was a phone left in the ice cream truck that they’d been dismantling, making Winter suspicious that Ally has turned Kai against her. All the evidence is enough for the delusional Kai to strangle Winter and kill her.

In the end, Speedwagon, one of Kai’s followers, rushes out of the house and rips a tape recorder out from under his shirt. He has been the mole the whole time and is scared that he will end up the same way as Winter. The episode ends with Ally climbing into the car.

Will Ally turn Speedwagon into Kai? Did you expect Kai to kill Winter with his own hands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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