Kai’s power over the cult grows in this episode of American Horror Story: Cult, titled “Drink the Kool-Aid.” Answers about Oz’s parentage are finally revealed, while Ally gets revenge over a certain someone in her life. There are far more questions than answers, as the show begins wrapping up once more for the season.

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Kai Tells Stories of the Cults Before

The episode starts with stories of previous cults and how the leaders convinced their followers to kill themselves, only it wasn’t suicide. The leaders promised their followers eternal life afterwards. Now Kai wants to know who is willing to offer their lives to prove their loyalty to their leader. Of course, some of them say they will, but there still appears to be some doubters.

Kai has a way to weed through the doubters. He calls a meeting with the entire cult, where he offers cups of Kool-Aid to drink. When the first person chosen to drink refuses, Gary shoots and kills him. The others quickly drink their small portions of Kool-Aid before learning that there was no poison in the drinks after all. Kai isn’t going to kill them when he needs them as voters. He wants to run for Senate in 2018.

Ally Plans Her Getaway

Now that Ally is out of the psychiatric ward and in the cult, she and Ivy are able to reconnect. All Ally wants to know is why Ivy did everything over the last few weeks. It looks like there’s a chance for the two to get back together on American Horror Story: Cult. They even discuss running away to get away from Kai and his henchmen.

The plan to leave is thwarted when Winter picks Oz up from school without Ally or Ivy realizing. The moms know exactly where Oz has been taken and drive straight to Kai’s house. Sure enough, Oz is there and wants to stay with Kai. After all, Kai is Oz’s father and he wants to spend the night at his dad’s house. At least, Oz is led to believe that Kai is his father.

When Ally and Ivy don’t get much of a choice, they return home without their son. It gives Ally the chance to cook Ivy dinner while telling Ivy all about the thoughts she had when she was in the psychiatric unit for three weeks. Initially, Ally wanted to kill herself but then remembered everything Ivy had done to her up to this point. Ally realized that she needed to get over her fears, but that meant filling the hole they left with something else. The only thing that could be was the need for revenge against Ivy.

Dinner is the chance to get revenge. Ally has poisoned Ivy’s pasta and wine with arsenic, making sure that Ivy was killed almost instantly.

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Kai Learns the “Truth” about Oz’s Parentage

With her wife dead, Ally decides to find out whether Kai really is the father of Oz. It is possible, since Kai says that he donated sperm to the clinic in which Ally was inseminated. Ally has to bribe someone to see the photo of the donor and is relieved to find out that it isn’t Kai. However, the game isn’t over on American Horror Story: Cult.

Ally asks the sperm donor receptionist to add a copy of the photo page for her own records but this time with the photo of Kai attached. She’s convinces Kai that Oz really is his son, making Kai shocked but happy. Oz is Kai’s Messiah baby and it looks like Winter is off the hook!

Kai moves Ivy’s body to the locked room in his house with his parents and the decaying body of his brother, Vincent. It’s time for Ally, Kai and Oz to become a family.

Did you expect Ally to kill Ivy? Did you guess that the Kool-Aid wouldn’t have any poison in it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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