So there’s only one episode left for the first season of Scrubs [Med School] aka Scrubs season 9 aka The New Scrubs aka The Proof that Scrubs Can’t Die.  But ever since it began, we’ve always wondered how long it will last.  Now that the finale’s nearing, we need some answers.

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It’s time series creator Bill Lawrence speak out, and finally admit that we should not expect more Scrubs after this season finale airs.  Unless of course it gets resurrected again, which would be likely if only he had his way. 

“In my heart and head I felt like Scrubs ended last year,” he told E! Online during the Paley TV Festival.  “This year was a bit of a spinoff, but I really liked it, I liked what they did.  They worked really hard.”

We do agree about the conclusion of J.D.’s story in season 8, and we also agree that season 9 has its strong points.  Unfortunately, they may not be enough to give the show another installment.  Bill Lawrence weighed in on the show’s chances and said, “I say it’s a one in 10 chance that it’s going to be on after the next two weeks.”

But whether or not ABC will pick it up, Bill Lawrence assures the fans that there will be Scrubs as long as he’s around.  “Scrubs is going to be on forever.  We’ll come do it at our garage,” he joked.  “For anybody that’s a huge fan, I’m still going to be doing it in my backyard at least once or twice a week, if they want to come.”

Well, one thing’s for sure; not everyone will be on board.  A number of the show’s original cast members have already expressed their desire to leave the comedy behind . Obviously Zach Braff’s out, and even Sarah Chalke landed a pilot.  Donald Faison has been working his way to sci-fi flick as well.

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While the future of Scrubs remains bleak for us all, the only thing we have to look forward to now is Wednesday’s finale.  Maybe then we’ll be able to determine whether it wraps up this season or the entire series at last.

Source: E! Online
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