Hop into your DeLoreans, Supernatural fans. Sam and Dean are prepping for a season 7 throwback.

It’s been 12 years of monsters, angels, and mayhem for the Winchester boys, and yet we still tend to forget just how massive the Supernatural universe really is. Viewers will get a reminder of the brothers’ Leviathan days in episode 14.

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Titled “The Raid,” the March 2 episode will see Mary’s (Samantha Smith) vampire hunting expedition go awry. She’s sharpened her machete, she’s ready to lop off more heads than revolutionary France, but what she isn’t prepared for is the return of the alpha-vamp. Heck, we’re not even sure she knows the fangs all hail from one ancient progenitor. 

Nevertheless, Mary will find herself face to face with the granddaddy of all bloodsuckers. Although Supernatural has yet to officially announce his return, Rick Worthy’s recent Instagram pics have stymied any talk of recasting. (Can an alpha even be replaced? We’ll have to dive into the lore on that one.)

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh …. Muwahahahahaaaa,” worthy teased during filming in December, warning all budding hunters to “#KeepYourBacktotheWall.”

Like Castiel (Misha Collins), it appears Worthy’s character has found his power outfit. Just as Team Free Will’s wingman never ditches his trench coat, the alpha is rocking the same tie he wore while aiding/attempting to kill our heroes in season 7’s “There Will Be Blood.” 

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Unfortunately, a visit from the British Men of Letters will complicate matters even further. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) don’t trust the limeys as far as they can throw them, and their animosity will undoubtedly grow if Mr. Ketch’s (David Haydn) little murder habit is exposed. Do the malicious academics even know about alpha monsters? They might have all the cool toys, but the British legacies have never even laid eyes on Lucifer. We’re willing to bet the Winchesters can one up their overseas colleges when it comes to life in the field. 

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