What has happened to Dr. Spencer Reid? That’s the question for Criminal Minds‘ season 12 episode “Spencer,” and that’s what his teammates are going to be wondering.

In episode 13, when one of the BAU gets in trouble in Mexico, the team enlists the help of the International Response Team (specifically, Alana De La Garza’s Clara Seger and Daniel Henney’s Matthew Simmons).

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See Reid looking rough in the “Spencer” promo:

Watch a Criminal Minds sneak peek of what’s going on with Reid:

Things aren’t looking good for Reid in Mexico, and the locals aren’t exactly eager to just agree with Rossi’s claim that he’s been framed for drugs and murder. Why won’t he just consider the obvious? “You wouldn’t either if you knew Spencer Reid,” Rossi explains.

With Reid’s stuff all over the motel room, they’ll find his DNA, possibly even on the victim, who was stabbed over 25 times. There’s no sign of the murder weapon, and a disorganized crime scene and an offender aware enough to take the knife with them just doesn’t add up. Could the UnSub have been under the influence of drugs and took off with the knife? Is that who Reid was apparently chasing? Is the cut on his hand from the same blade? All they know is that Reid isn’t a killer.

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