The action starts early in this episode of Quantico, titled “FALLENORACLE.” Some of the former CIA agents in training try to figure out how to move forward after they realize that the terrorists who took dozens of victims hostage are mixed in with them, and there is no indicator of who is who.

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Alex and Owen Continue Their Plan

As for eight months ago, Owen and Alex continue their trek against the AIC, which includes Owen’s daughter, Lydia. She warns Ryan, who is actually not 100% for her and Owen’s plan to take down the AIC.

To the trainees, everything appears to be business as usual with Owen, who gives them the week’s lesson: to break into the NSA without the organization realizing. Alex sees that the assignment is linked to something the AIC wants, and Owen tells her that it’s part of his plan to “catch them in the act.”

He uses none other than Harry as an example in class to give them “the art of the steal,” aka how to pick a pocket and steal from someone without them knowing.

The trainees go out to attempt to practice lifting strangers’ wallets, and they’re pretty successful. Meanwhile, Alex makes her way to Owen, who tells her that Lydia wants to see him. Alex seeks Harry for help once again, but of course, he won’t work for her for free.

Lydia’s Back

As if right on cue, Lydia returns for the next day of class and explains why they need to break into the NSA. She and Owen tag team just like old times, not missing a beat as they let the trainees know that they’re all heading to prison if they “fail” the test. Harry catches on that Alex was aware of Lydia’s return, and she reveals that she wants to know what the AIC wants with the NSA. Harry tells her he’s all in.

The NSA Challenge Goes Somewhat Wrong

Alex is the first to try her way into the NSA, and it’s without problem, as the receptionist is clearly a fan. She starts her assignment to delete data right away when Dayana makes a sneaky move. Things don’t go well for Sebastian, as his cover is nearly blown and Alex’s is in danger. As for Ryan, he seems to be up to his own activities. Back on the farm, tensions arise between Owen and Lydia as he tries to confront her hiatus, and they clearly wanted to tap the NSA for different reasons. But they’re interrupted when Leon is compromised, which gets him kicked out of the program thanks to Dayana.

Also on their field trip, Alex finds out Harry’s real identity. But it’s Sebastian who he tells his story to as they get extremely close when Sebastian takes his confused feelings out on Harry and tries to strangle him. Thankfully, Dayana comes in and stops him.

That’s probably because he’s livid after Alex doesn’t hold up her end of the bargain for the help. Meanwhile, Lydia reveals that she’s on to what Ryan has been up to but still tries to convince him that she and her group are “the good guys.” It’s not clear if he believes her or not. Dayana starts to blame herself for Leon’s firing as Shelby’s heartbreak by his departure is also revealed.

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Owen and Alex’s Discovery

Alex and Owen show up at an abandoned building, only to find a bunch of pictures on a wall. Someone has clearly been following them. They start to smell gas and leave just before the place blows up. Ryan then lets Alex know that Lydia isn’t someone who has gone rogue but instead is running a black ops group.

Major Revelations in the Present Day

Will points out that everyone the terrorists have killed so far are people who have been proven to be against the nation. He reveals that he is positive of it because he was hired to help find the now-victims. Things get even more suspicious when some of the victims seem to disappear. Dayana is still on edge after the terrorists tried to take her out. Will is able to identify the victims who disappeared, and Alex and Ryan confirm that they were casualties in the AIC’s hunt against them.

As the victims get restless, the terrorists make another move when they possibly take Alex’s gun during a blackout. Things come to an even bigger head when Harry is held at gunpoint. The woman with the gun is Sebastian’s wife and reveals that she is one of the people Alex has been looking for. She and Sebastian end up having a stand-off.

The FBI arrives just moments later. Now Alex has to answer to Lydia, as the ladies go head-to-head when Lydia asks Alex to “go back in.”

Do you think Lydia really is one of “the good guys”? What do you think about the current state of Ryan and Alex’s relationship? What’s your take on Owen and Lydia’s strange father-daughter connection? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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