If you’re a longtime fan of 24, then you know there’s a universal truth: All rich white businessman are evil. That might sound crazy, but if you stop to think back, you’ll realize it’s true.

So the big reveal in the third hour of 24: Legacy should come as very little surprise. If you didn’t know Gerald McRaney‘s character would be a bad guy from the second he showed up, you aren’t paying attention.

Carter and Rebecca Are Saved

The last episode left two big cliffhangers as Rebecca and Andy were arrested at CTU and Carter was stuck in the evidence room at the police station. Both of those get resolved almost immediately. Keith quickly confirms Rebecca’s story about the Army Rangers so she and Andy can get back to work. As for Carter, he tries to escape using explosives and by convincing the non-racist cop to help him, but soon Carter is surrounded by cops.

However, Rebecca calls the chief and explains everything, so the cops let Carter go and even set him up with a car and anything else he needs. No hard feelings, right? Except for that giant hole in the evidence room.

Now CTU, fully staffed, can help Carter get to Ben and retrieve the flash drive. The other big news at CTU is the revelation that analyst Andy and Agent Locke used to date, but Locke broke it off because he was worried that being openly gay would hurt his career. It’s about damn time this show got some LGBT representation. As far as I can recall, Audrey’s brother from season 4 and Mandy the assassin are the only notable gay characters in the history of this franchise.

Carter, Ben and the Terrorists

By the end of the episode, Carter meets Ben at a train station to trade $2 million for the flash drive. The bad news is that Jadalla the terrorist was able to track Ben (because of the phone Ben took from the dead terrorist). There terrorists are spotted and it turns into a giant shoot-out, with Locke taking a bullet. In my favorite scene from the episode, Carter shoots a terrorist five times, then walks past him on the stairs and shoots the terrorist, who is dead on the ground, once more for good measure.

Everything goes wrong when Jadalla is able to get the flash drive. In my second favorite scene, Carter chases after the terrorists in the streets, running up and over a car. Then Carter gets hit by a car, yet somehow gets up unharmed. That gives Jadalla enough time to escape.

Is Nilaa Really Helping the Terrorists?

Rebecca goes to her husband’s fundraiser, where Nilaa his campaign manager has been taken into custody after it was determined that she leaked the names of the Army Rangers to the terrorists. She explains everything to John and his father, Henry. Nilaa insists that she’s innocent and that she was out running at the time her computer accessed the leak. But a video shows she was there at the time of the leak.

Naturally, the video is a fake. Nilaa is being framed by John’s dad and his uncle. Welcome to 24: Legacy, where the Muslim is innocent and the rich white businessman is the one really helping the terrorists. To his credit, Henry is troubled by what he’s done, so he wasn’t a willing accomplice.
Nicole vs. Aisha

After Isaac leaves for his drug deal, Nicole talks to her husband and expresses her concern about Aisha. He gets Andy to do some CTU tech stuff to find a recording of Aisha’s phone call with her contact where she told him to kill Isaac. Um, can the government really find a recording of ANY phone call that quickly? Because that’s almost as terrifying as the sleeper cells.

CTU sends Nicole the recording and she learns what Aisha is up to, but Aisha takes away her phone so Nicole can’t do anything to save her brother-in-law.

Drew Lives!

Amira and Mr. Harris scramble to cover up Drew’s dead body, but there’s an even bigger problem when the body disappears. It seems Drew isn’t actually dead and they see him running into the woods. They chase him to the soccer field where he passes out. Amira and Mr. Harris almost cover it up, but the soccer team sees Drew, unconscious, and they call the cops. When the ambulance arrives, Amira goes with them as Drew’s girlfriend to finish the job.

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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