The latest episode of NCIS Season 15, titled “One Step Forward,” ended with a shocking, unexpected twist. After going for dinner, Abby and Reeves were stopped by a man asking for money. That escalated quickly to the man pulling out a gun and shooting at the two. While the promo for the next episode has focused mostly on Abby, since it is Pauley Perrette’s final episode, there is no sign of Reeves. What’s happened to him?

Will Reeves Survive on 'NCIS'?

Reeves’ fate has been left completely open. He wasn’t mentioned in the promo at all and isn’t seen once. Even promo photos for the next episode haven’t included the MI-6 agent. Is it possible that he’s going to be killed off or could this be a red herring?

Reeves Is Likely Dead

Many writers opt for a storyline that pushes a character’s development forward considerably before killing them off. It’s that bittersweet moment, where you realize what could have been before it all ends. That could be the case with Reeves.

After learning that he’s a recovering alcoholic and that he was able to help a homeless veteran and her son, Reeves’ character has completely changed on NCIS. There’s little for the writers to push him forward further, so it makes sense to kill him off.

Even if not, it’s very unlikely Reeves could survive the gunshot. He pushed Abby out of the way and was moving towards Abby at the time the gun was fired. The bullet would have likely hit one of his vital organs and even possibly hit him straight in the chest.

Not only does he not appear, but at one point in the promo, Torres is in what looks like the morgue. Behind him is a body bag. Is it possible that Reeves’ body will be in that bag?

Reeves Has to Survive

One thing that works against the idea of Reeves’ death is that this episode is supposed to be all about Abby. It’s her exit from the series as one of three remaining original characters on NCIS. The idea of her sharing this exit with another character is shocking and sad.

Fans wouldn’t really focus too much on Reeves when it’s all going to be about Abby. While he’s not been in the show for as long, he’s had some impressive character development in the two years he’s been a series regular. He may have developed to a point that an exit would be bittersweet for him, but there are many ways they could utilize his story in the future. This could be NCIS’ way to help more homeless veterans.

The lack of mention and the body bag could all just be red herrings. The series will want to keep the focus on Abby, so there wouldn’t need to be a mention of him if he’s going to survive.

Do you think Reeves is going to be killed off? Would it be fair on Perrette’s exit for Duane Henry to have a focal exit too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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