This episode of iZombie, titled “Mac-Liv-Moore,” has our favorite zombie medical examiner running around in velour jumpsuits and spitting mad rhymes during autopsies. A convict that escaped Brother Love’s raid on the prison bus has been back on a zombie-killing murder spree, and the gang has to work to find him.

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What to Do?

When we last left Liv and Company, everyone was struggling to understand why young Isobel didn’t turn into a zombie scratch post. Now we find Isobel, Liv and Peyton discussing what is best for Isobel. She wishes to live out the time she has left in New Seattle instead of going home or bringing her mother into the city. She doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life or have her mother watch her die.

Gettin’ Jiggy-saw Puzzle

In addition to her Renegade duties, Liv still has plenty to keep her busy at the morgue. The multiple dismembered convicts from the prison bus are presenting a challenge for Ravi and Liv. On top of that, FG’s examiner brings in a zombie corpse and her human boyfriend, who goes by the rap name of “Dirty Reign.” Dirty Reign was known to have been in a dispute with his twin brother, Weston, aka “Lil Drizzle.”

The One That Got Away

After eating his brain and interrogating his twin brother, Liv gets a vision of a zombie-hater throwing shade at Dirty Reign and his girlfriend. Liv recognizes the hater from their list of convicts on the bus: Zombie Killer Cain. Cain, who started his zombie-killing spree by shooting his wife and daughter, somehow managed to escape the prison bus raid. Just as his escape is realized, Filmore Graves orders a city-wide lockdown in order to search and seize.

Man with a Plan

Blaine talks Don E. through his latest diabolical plan. He secured a special brain for Don E. to eat and educates him on the property values and how cheap everything has gotten. “Once everything returns to normal, the values will go back up,” he says, which means that whoever purchased them at the discounted prices will be filthy rich. Blaine will auction 10 zombie cures on the dark web, and Don E.’s computer genius brain will help secure the auction.

Major Pep Talk

As Major is preparing his team to patrol for Cain, Chase pulls him aside to check on the progress with Russ Roche. Afterward, Major inquires about the bus raid and if Triple Cross Church had anything to do with it. Chase is clueless about Angus’ church and rages out on the nearest locker. Even though Major had reported the incident that he, Jordan and Captain Seattle had there, it was deliberately kept from Chase. Chase makes it clear that he doesn’t know who he can trust, except Major.

Working Hard Or…

Since they are stuck at the station during the lockdown, Ravi asks if Major could bring a suitcase from their house while he is out on patrol. He claims it is work related and very important. However, Ravi is hardly working since he’s hidden away in an interrogation room with Clive and the other nerds playing D&D. Officer Hunter busts in on them and joins in the game. Clive can’t help but be intrigued.

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Lovers’ Quarrel

When Major brings the suitcase into the morgue, he doesn’t find Ravi but instead Liv and Isobel. Liv gives him the cold shoulder by dishing out a mad rhyme. She voices her feelings on his involvement in Mama Leoni’s death. They argue until Jordan comes in complaining that Captain Seattle is bothering her. He thought they had a connection, but she apparently doesn’t feel the same. Major gets annoyed with them and continues to fight with Liv, until Peyton cuts in and reminds them that they love each other and to get over it.


Major tracks Ravi down upstairs and is unhappy to learn that the “important” briefcase contained a game piece. He threatens to tell Peyton that he lied about napping and is instead playing board games. Ravi takes off for downstairs, and the four left finish out the game. Officer Hunter informs them that the interrogation camera has been on the whole time, and Clive pleads for her not to show anyone. They playfully fight and end up sharing a kiss. What will this mean for Clive and Dale?

The Truth

Ravi discovers young Isobel in a mortuary cabinet. He later learns of her fatal condition and pleads with Liv to scratch her. When Liv reminds him that it’s a crime punishable by death, he offers to do it. She then breaks down and tells him the truth, that she already tried to scratch Isobel and she seems to be immune. Always the scientist, Ravi proposes that they study Isobel. Before Liv can protest, Isobel agrees.


Major and his soldiers go to The Scratching Post to pick up Major Jones, a Filmore Graves officer with a drinking problem that was found passed out by the dumpsters. Once they get him back to headquarters, it is discovered that his ID badge has been stolen. This causes concern because he has the highest level of clearance, and the badge will allow access to the entire building. Major sends out the message to lock down the campus.

Hostage Situation

Unfortunately for Chase Graves, it’s a little too late. Cain has a gun to Chase’s head and is holding him in his office. Chase is oddly calm as Cain tells stories about putting his dog out of its misery and references the similarities to zombies. He blames Chase for the death of his wife and daughter, and before he can take the kill shot, Major saves the day by taking out Cain’s legs. As he begs for death, Chase orders Major to scratch him. He will be executed by the guillotine.

A Cure, a Corpse and the Chain of Command

Remember Blaine’s plan to auction off the cures? Well, to prove that what they’re selling is the real deal, they need to cure a zombie and kill him on camera. But it has to be a well-known zombie so they know there aren’t any tricks. Who better than the face of New Seattle, Mayor Baracus? Blaine gives Mr. Mayor the cure under the guise that it’s a new drug. After he is cured, he shoots and kills him on camera. When the body is found to be human and the video surfaces, everyone is shocked and confused, especially acting Mayor Peyton Charles.

Will Clive keep his kiss a secret from Dale? Will he continue to explore his relationship with Hunter? And how long will it take Ravi to find a new cure from Isobel’s immunity? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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