In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Salt in the Wound,” Jace is still under Lilith’s possession as he heads to Alicante to dig up Valentine’s body. While he heads to Alicante, Clary, Alec and Izzy head there as well in search of a mystical weapon that could help subdue Jace from continuing on as The Owl.

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A Possessed Jace Makes His Way to Alicante

Reeling from the revelation that Jace is The Owl, Clary chases after him. Unbeknownst to her, he is under Lilith’s spell. After a tussle on the roof, Jace throws Clary off the roof onto the hood of a car right after telling her that he no longer feels anything for her. She calls Simon, who takes her bloody body back to the institute, where the rest of the group reconvenes and learns of Jace’s betrayal. Magnus informs them all that Lilith is behind all of this and is the greater demon who has possessed Jace since she is the mother of all demons.

Clary finally comes clean and says that in the altercation with Valentine, Jace did die, and the only reason Lilith went after Jace in the first place is because his resurrection made him vulnerable. Lilith sends Jace to Alicante to bring her Valentine’s body. At the same time, Clary, Alec and Izzy head to Alicante to inform The Clave of Jace’s possession. They are in search of an ancient Shadowhunter weapon that would be able to encase and subdue Jace so that there won’t be a kill order placed upon his head. Just as they get their hands on the cage, Jace arrives in Alicante to head to the Cemetery of the Disgrace but kills his grandmother, Imogen, in the process.

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Simon’s Mark Might Be Lilith’s Weakness

In her dying moments, Imogen sends a fire note to Alec and informs him of Jace’s appearance, so the group heads off to the cemetery to find him. As Jace digs up the body of Valentine, Clary and the rest of them encase him in the magical cage, and Clary sends them back to New York via a portal while she is forced to face The Clave in Alicante.

While everyone battles against the clock in Alicante, Luke enlists Simon’s help in investigating the possible hideout of Lilith and her merry band of demons. Once inside, Luke finds the sacrificial altar that Lilith has been using in the process of resurrecting Jonathan. They are confronted by Lilith’s disciples. When they attack Simon, his mysterious mark blasts them to dust, which elicits a shrill scream from Lilith.

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