Erin Way, first seen in last season’s “Battle Scars,” returns as FBI Agent Zoe Morris in NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 21. The team partners with the FBI after a Marine is murdered by a rare nerve gas.

Remember when Deeks mentioned wanting to buy an abandoned bar? Well, in “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” he shares that dream, which includes quitting law enforcement.

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Check out a sneak peek of the case:

Zoe Morris is an interesting agent, one that the team probably can’t (and shouldn’t) work with too often.

When she was at the morgue early that morning, there was a John Doe with a Semper fi tattoo on his shoulder under a sheet. The medical examiner on duty was drugged, gagged and left for dead in a gurney drawer.

They’re going to take the sheet to be tested for any residue of the chemical she thinks may have killed the victim. She’s offended by Callen’s “you think may have killed him.” “When he died, he looked like the love child of Nick Nolte and the creature from Stranger Things,” she tells him and Sam.  

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Watch this clip to see a suspect’s lame excuse for running:

While checking out the complex where the John Doe lived, Kensi, Deeks and Harley see a man duck out a room. As soon as Kensi calls out that they’re federal agents, Deeks knows the man is going to run. He does.

After Deeks tackles him and takes this gun, the guy insists he didn’t know they were talking to him. “I like to run to my car. It’s kind of been my thing since I was a kid that could drive,” he claims. Does he honestly think they’re going to believe that?  

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