The team tries to stop DeVoe from getting everything he needs for the Enlightenment in this episode of The Flash, with help from Gypsy. However, her presence means Cisco needs to face his future. Will he take the Breacher job? Can he and Gypsy continue their (very) long-distance relationship?

Elsewhere in “Therefore She Is,” Harry struggles with losing his intelligence, but even amidst more bad news, all hope is not lost. The same may be true for Caitlin, who’s determined to bring back her frosty side, even if it means putting herself in danger.

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Not Exactly a Meet-Cute

Flashbacks offer a look at Marlize and Clifford DeVoe’s relationship, starting with the moment they met. As he argues about the pitfalls of technology and how it can be used to hurt humanity, he puts her down in front of an auditorium of students at Oxford University eight years ago. She even calls herself “foolish” for agreeing to a date with him, but she enjoys that he challenges her.

He wins her over, and they even move in together. However, as she’s unpacking, she finds and reads his journal. He speaks of a purge of the material world and human consciousness (essentially lobotomies), of rebooting humans’ brains. Technology is killing them, he argues. She walks out.

She goes to Kenya, where she creates a water purifier. He calls her and tries to convince her to come home. He’s nothing without her, he tells her. She refuses, but when her camp is attacked for the purifier and dozens are killed, he rushes to her side, worried. Then she tells him he was right and technology has become a cancer. She admits that she saw the truth in his writing when she first read his journal, but she was scared. She isn’t anymore and believes he can “enlighten” humanity.

Barry Allen, The Flash and … a Couples Therapist?

Caitlin tries to bring Killer Frost out, aided by Cisco’s blasts, but it doesn’t work. When Harry forgets that she doesn’t have any dark matter in her system, he’s forced to come clean about losing his intelligence. They’ll fix it together, the others assure him, though no one knows quite how he’ll help in his state.

DeVoe and Marlize make their next move in their steps towards the Enlightenment, stealing Alloy 1771 (a solar panel that harnesses power at 400% efficiency) from Vandermeer Steel. When a guard catches them, DeVoe makes him turn his gun on himself, despite Marlize’s attempts to stop him.

Barry wants Cisco to vibe the gun to figure out why DeVoe wants the alloy, but Cisco doesn’t feel like getting blasted into a wall again. He’d need to double his powers. Barry suggests getting Gypsy’s help, but Cisco tries to make excuses since he hasn’t made a decision about the Breacher job.

However, they need to figure out DeVoe’s next move, which means bringing her in. They co-vibe and see a dock and a shipping container. But when they and Barry get there, they’re too late. DeVoe has what he needs, and they saw the wrong container. Cisco and Gypsy’s subsequent argument about not being on the same page and whose vibe wasn’t clear enough leads to Barry hearing about the job offer.

Barry then takes it upon himself to try to fix things between Cisco and Gypsy since he needs them on the same page to beat DeVoe. He even lays out their issues for them: she’s upset that he’s taking too long to make up his mind about the job, while he’s worried about abandoning the team. When there are reports of two more break-ins at technology manufacturers, they have to vibe in hopes of figuring out what DeVoe is building. However, this time, they’re both blasted back.

It turns out that Cisco and Gypsy are on the same page about the job (neither wants him to take it) but not about their relationship. He wants more than breaching to see her and knowing there’s a countdown before one of them has to leave. He’s not asking her to pack up her life and move to his Earth, he tells her, but he wants to know if what they have is enough for her. She says it is.

Thanks to Iris’ advice to let the couple figure things out on their own, together or apart, Barry realizes that DeVoe’s not building one thing. He’s building multiple satellites that work together (but are still separate) for a single purpose. He’s going to need a quantum computer, and Mercury Labs just put a system of them online. They know where he’s going next.

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Special Delivery

Barry speeds in and knocks DeVoe back, while Cisco grabs Marlize, who’s packing their case. Barry throws lightning at Clifford, and Gypsy blasts him as they prepare to cuff him. However, Marlize, worried about her husband, fights back and throws Cisco down. Gypsy helps him, and that gives DeVoe the chance to blast them all back.

Caitlin freezes him using a cold gun. But DeVoe, who frees himself with a sonic pulse, knows what she’s doing: trying to scare herself into becoming Killer Frost. He decides to help, by killing someone she cares about: Gypsy.

He can’t kill Barry yet, he reveals. His plan for the Enlightenment requires his further participation. He begins choking Gypsy to death, and again, Marlize protests his murder of an innocent person. She tells him to remember who he is, and he eventually lets Gypsy go. Clifford and Marlize escape with what they need.

What’s DeVoe planning? Harry and Cecile figure it out, thanks to her using her powers to read his mind and record his thoughts before they vanish. (The more he uses his brain, the sooner he’s going to lose it, he tells her earlier in the episode.) Each of DeVoe’s systems redirects concentrated dark matter at a level toxic enough to reboot everyone’s brains back to a simplified state, like Harry’s. DeVoe wants to remove the intelligence of everyone on Earth.

Cisco returns with Gypsy to Earth-19 to say goodbye. A relationship can only last so long across Earths. Later, at Cecile’s baby shower, Barry tells him that they did the right thing, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less for Cisco.

Meanwhile, Marlize finally does what she should have done permanently in those flashbacks and leaves DeVoe. She even uses his chair to do it, telling him that her husband is dead and calling him The Thinker’s first victim.

Finally, the Mystery Girl returns, this time during the baby shower and with a diaper bag as a gift. She also gives us Cecile’s due date (21 days!) and says the gift must be from someone who understands that time is precious. When she sees Iris, however, she quickly leaves. Then we see her speed off, and her lightning is yellow and purple. She has to be the future WestAllen daughter, right?

Are you more convinced than ever that the Mystery Girl is Barry and Iris’ future daughter? Do you think Caitlin will successfully get Killer Frost back? What do you think of DeVoe’s plan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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