Lost remains in “radio silence,” but that does not mean that the rumor mill has slowed down.  The latest, and perhaps most provocative rumor to surface concerning ABC’s island mystery is that a time slot has finely been eyeballed for the show.  Fans famously kvetched about the later 10pm est slot Lost took during the final leg of its third season.  Ever the fan pleasers, ABC’s execs and Lost creators alike have given subtle hints to addressing the concerns of the disgruntled masses.  If this latest rumble proves true, it could lead to the creation of a television “super night.”

The rumor is that Lost will be moving to Monday nights at 8pm.  Lost fans who also enjoy a little Prison Break will surely be miffed, but by and large the placement of Lost on Mondays at 8pm would make it the lead in to a night of unparalleled television entertainment.

For starters, the show itself went through a breathtaking ascension phase during the latter half of its third season.  Any Lost fan will tell you that at its worst Lost is one of the best shows on television, but even the less forgiving would have trouble knocking Lost’s groundbreaking series of self one-upmanship.  Season 3 of Lost, by most estimations, just kept getting better, well beyond the excellence of even its own previous seasons.

With that in mind, any unindoctrinated Heroes fans would be very likely to tune into Lost while waiting for their mainstay to come on at 9pm, just a network away. Historically, Lost has achieved its higher ratings during earlier time slots, and at one point was more highly ranked for family viewing than any other genre show.

For true genre fans, add to the fact that NBC has the very excellent Journeyman on tap at 10pm, and you have a night of geek chow that no self respecting fan-boy can ignore.

Yes, of course we do not know for a fact that the move is coming.  I caution you, it is merely a rumor.  However, it could be that ABC has learned something from its broadcaster partners in Australia.  When Lost was placed adjacent to Heroes for just three episodes, both shows benefited.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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