For The Real World: Sydney cast member Shauvon Torres, being real is a top priority.  An admitted bisexual, Torres told the State Hornet in a recent interview that she made it a point to present herself in a truthful way on the show.

“There are people in the house who have their issues, but I just try to be myself… not to have a label on things,” Torres said, noting that she did not feel any animosity from her housemates nor from the people of Sydney, a city known to have a thriving gay scene.  Torres also said she is satisfied with the way The Real World: Sydney has portrayed her and her housemates, though she admits there are some things lost in editing.

“Basically, everything you see is real,” Torres, a resident of Sacramento since 2001, said.  “It’s the editing that gets tricky.”  In one episode, she went on a date with a man for an entire day, but the only scene that made it to television was the part where they got physically intimate.

Despite this, Shauvon Torres told the State Hornet she is grateful for her experience on The Real World: Sydney.  Not only has the show awarded her many career opportunities, it also gave her the chance to experience a different culture.

“It was such an amazing experience going to a new country and leaving Sacramento.  It was amazing to be part of this gorgeous house and sharing it with six people who were going through the same culture shock as you,” Torres said, later adding that even though there were some conflicts between her housemates, all of them are happy to have been part of The Real World: Sydney.

“When something that great happens, you just suck in all the positive things and leave behind everything else,” Shauvon Torres said.

While in the house, Torres said she often acted as the “peacemaker,” a role she did not mind assuming.  Being the oldest of the group and having previously lived with “so many different kinds of roommates” in the past, Torres said she felt very equipped to handle conflict.

“I think it also comes with maturity.  Obviously there’s going to be drama, but that happens [between roommates everywhere],” she said.

At present, Torres is busy finishing up her studies at CSU Los Angeles.  She is also a certified real estate agent.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The State Hornet
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