Tonight sawhe most important Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 8 and the Donatos have come out on top once again.  They’ve antagonized almost everyone in the house and one of them will be in the final two, if not both.  It’s not unlike what we saw last year from Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, although their partnership was a bit more houseguest friendly than the often abrasive Donato clan.  Tonight’s Big Brother also saw the beginning of a three day Head of Household extravaganza that will end Thursday with the final two being selected.  It was a very important night in the Big Brother house: here’s what went down.

The Donatos Pile on Zach 

Daniele and Dick, after Sunday’s nomination ceremony, have been doing everything they can to make Zach’s time hellish.  They are unspeakably upset that Zach reneged on his deal to take them to the final three.  It’s almost sad watching their anger over this move because either of them would have done the same thing had they been in Zach’s situation.  Hell, they did the same thing to Jessica last week.  Dick thinks that he would beat Zach in a final vote, which I’m not so sure about.  I think Zach would probably take it at that point, but you never know.  We’ll do a full analysis of a possible final vote tomorrow.

The Loser House

We get our first (and likely only) footage from the Jury House and it’s pretty boring.  We pick up with Dustin showing up a month ago, happy to be in paradise and out of the house.  The Jury House looks like it’s in Mexico and it’s a huge villa with a pool, water slide and alcohol.  Not a bad place to hang out for a month.  Jen shows up next, silencing conspiracy theorists.  Her and Dustin do their best to get along despite their checkered past.  Amber shows up next.  She and Dustin hug and cry.  Jessica shows up first, without Eric.  He arrives a little later on.  Jessica has mixed emotions: she wanted him to keep going in the game, but is glad she can hang out with him.  They watch the competition footage from last week and aren’t very happy about Dick, Daniele and Zach still being in the house.

Daniele, the New Veto Queen

The all-important veto competition is called “Big Brother Decoder”.  It was a complicated game.  Let me explain.  Each houseguest was walled off separately in the backyard.  Each individual wall had eight clues that corresponded to two houseguests (like “Won HoH Once”).  The houseguests had to put pictures of the houseguests between the two clues that corresponded to them.  Once they were done with that, they had to spin a big wheel to get a corresponding number for each picture, and they had to place the number under said picture.  Once they had every spot filled, the players hit a buzzer.  First person to fill the wall correctly wins PoV.  And, guess what?  Daniele wins the competition and ties Janelle as the all-time veto queen with five veto wins. 

Goodbye Jameka, and “The Bunny Hop” 

Daniele surprises her dad and uses the veto on him, allowing Dick to do the honors and evict Jameka.  Jameka is gracious as she leaves and during her interview with Julie.  Zach, Dani and Dick head out to the backyard for part one of a three-part final HoH competition.  The winner of part one moves automatically to the third and final round.  The other two players compete in part 2 and the winner of that moves on to part 3.  Part one is called “The Bunny Hop”.  Each player stands on a carrot (really an orange stump) that’s elevated a few feet off the ground.  They have to hold on to a key above their head as a mechanized rabbit travels around in a circle, passing under each player’s feet.  The houseguests have to jump over the rabbit while holding onto the key.

It’s an endurance competition and, as I type this, it is still going on.  We’ll keep you posted and let everyone know when someone has won.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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