All right, another live results show.  Big Brother 8 will have its final three houseguests tonight, and it comes down to the all-important veto competition.  If Dick or Daniele win, Jameka is going home.  If Jameka or Zach win, a Donato will be evicted.  Zach’s is in as good of shape as he could hope for to make it into the final two, and the Donatos are also in prime position.  For Jameka, history is not on her side.  Competitions have not been her strong suit and, if she wants to make the final two, she’s going to have to perform.   I’ll be here throughout the show giving live, up-to-the-minute updates.

Hooray, unnecessary shot of Daniele in a bikini!

Being a Donato apologist, I hate seeing them pissed off that Zach nominated them.  He had to!  He did the same thing to them that the Donatos did to Jessica and Eric. 

Julie is acting like the Power of Veto competition is going to be live tonight.  Umm, it’s not.  It happened a few days ago. 

I’m with you, Dick.  Zach’s “restored my faith in God” line at the nomination ceremony was pretty obnoxious.  He’s just trying to play to Jameka. 

Man, the Donatos really hate Zach at this point.  Dick and Zach yell at each other a lot.  They debate whether Zach has a chance versus any one of the remaining three houseguests in a final vote. 

Dick is trying to piss Zach off and you can tell it’s getting under his skin.  Dick is pretty confident in he and Daniele’s PoV chances. 

Nice!  We’re going to get our first Jury House footage later in the episode.   

The Rock’s new movie looks…it’s unfathomable, really.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse trailer for a movie.  The commercial seems like a joke, the kind of satirical piece they’d put on Saturday Night Live.  C’mon, Dwayne, you’re better than that. 

Jury House time!  It looks like it’s in Mexico or something.  It’s a big old villa and it’s incredible.  Dustin arrives first, revels in his alone time and then is soon joined by Jen.

Dustin says he wants to smack Jen.  The n Amber arrives and, guess what, she cries.  Jessica shows up next, without Eric.  He shows up soon after, however.  Jessica is upset, but is also happy to have him there.  They watch tape of the competitions.  Eric is still no allowed to reveal himself as America’s Player. 

Veto competition coming up after the break.

PoV comp is on.  This is the biggest of the season.  Jameka and Zach quiz each other before the competition about previous comps.  They’re working together. 

“If we can’t beat these two idiots, we deserve to go home,” says Dick.  Zach and Jameka do a prayer before the veto comp.  Maybe Zach fas found God.  Big Brother plays the monk music in the background when they pray.  It’s like they’re going into battle. 

They head outside and each player has their own walled off area.  “Big Brother Decoder” is the name of the challenge.  Each wall has various clues right next to each other.  The players have to put pictures of houseguests between the two clues that apply to them.  So, each clue applies to two people.  When they have the faces situated, they spin a wheel to each face and are given a corresponding number which they then place below the face.  Whew.  Complicated stuff.

Zach has no idea what he’s doing.  Daniele seems to have the best system going, buy doing all the faces first and then worrying about the numbers.  Everyone is super nervous while playing.  Daniele wins and goes insane, yelling like a banshee.  She and Dick hug and go crazy.  Dick immediately talks smack to Zach. 

Jameka is going home.  You don’t even have to watch the eviction episode.  Dick even flicks off Zach.  And then talks some more.  I’ll admit it, this is a little off-putting.  He calls him “bitch” a lot.

Zach says his mind is like a samurai sword.

Daniele is using the veto on her father.  Awww.  Jameka is put up in his place. 

Dick casts his vote and evicts Jameka.  Jameka is gracious in her exit.  She’s a legitimately good person and it’s sad to see her go.  She gives Julie a hug.  Dick was surprised by Dani using the veto on him and not herself. 

Julie shows Jameka a picture of her newborn niece. Cute. 

Final HoH coming up next.  This is huge, people.  

The final HoH is going to be played in three parts over the next few days.  Whoever wins part one, which is right now, automatically advances to part 3.  Winner of part 2 plays the winner of part 1 in the part 3 for Head of Household. 

Part one right here is pretty cool.  Each player stands on a stump and holds onto a key above their heads while a mechanized rabbit moves in a circle around the backyard.  Each player has to jump over the rabbit each time it reaches them.  If you let go of your key or fall off your stump, you lose.  And, it looks like this is going to go on longer than tonight’s episode.  We’ll have an update later on tonight when we know who wins.

Ah ha.  The rain machine starts going during the competition.  They’re going to have to jump the rabbit while in the pouring rain.   

We’ll keep you all posted.  Stay tuned.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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