There’s something to admire about both Winchester brothers. Dean has his blue steel looks, tough yet sentimental attitude, and, of course, an insatiable appetite for pie. But there’s something unique about Sam. He breaks the mold when it comes to the Winchester men, and fans have definitely noticed. We asked our readers what they love most about Sam Winchester, and here’s what they’ve said:

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He’s Good Looking


“Best thing….his hair.” – Staani

“Have you seen his hair?” – India

We know you’ve noticed Sam’s good looks. It’s okay. The guy’s got it going on, and it can be a bit distracting. He’s tall (Jared Padalecki towers over his co-stars at 6’4″), broad shouldered, and strong–the perfect combination of physical traits for any monster hunter. Plus, have you seen that hair? How does he get it so smooth and shiny?

He has a Heart of Gold 


“Sam’s got a kind heart for the people he loves the most. Give him a very good reason to trust you…he will always have your back.” – Denise

Sam always wants to do the right thing and save everyone. Life as a monster hunter could turn anyone cold, but Sam’s remained as passionate and kind as ever. I mean, that is when he isn’t possessed or soulless or the vessel of Lucifer. But that goes without saying, right?

He’s a Comeback Kid


“The fact that he spent his entire childhood surrounded by evil bent on manipulating and controlling him and still came out with a good heart, genuine empathy, and the strength of will to stand each and every time his brother broke.” – Katrina

“Because despite all the shit that he had to go through, despite heaven and hell both seeing him as an abomination, despite being manipulated, lied and hurt just so others could get what they want and despite being blamed for every bad thing that has happened, Sam Winchester has gotten up time and time again to protect the brother he loves and to sacrifice himself for a greater good, Sam Winchester is the definition of Hero.” – Elise

While both Winchester brothers have literally been through hell and back for one another, Sam’s experienced some major psychological trauma and still he manages to rise up time and time again. Take season one for example. His girlfriend was murdered by the yellow-eyed demon Azazel–the very same demon who’d killed his mother when he was an infant. Not to mention, Azazel, Sam finds out later, fed him blood, transforming him from innocent human to a strange new demonic force in an instant. And yet, Sam was able to overcome all of this heartache in order to defeat the demon–and a whole lot of other enemies–that threatened his family and the lives of others. It just proves that when Sam gets knocked down, he stands up even taller than before.

He’s Expressive and Vulnerable


“I like that he’s more open with his feelings. The one thing that’s always bothered me about Dean is how hard he tried to suppress his feelings and act like everything is a-okay at all times.” – Robyn

Dean may hold everything in, but Sam lets his emotion show. Whatever he’s feeling is always right there, written on his face. After all, Jared Padalecki is the master of facial twitches and wide-eyed surprise. Plus, honesty and openness, especially with family, is healthy. Bottling up all the memories of kills and innocents lost will only lead to self-torment.

He is Loyal to a Fault


“No matter what he goes through, he’ll always hope and never give up, [and] be empathetic and understanding with others. The best part is he’s always loyal to Dean, loves him and [would] do anything for him … ” – Dorothy

Don’t mess with family. That’s pretty much the constant rule that governs Supernatural. Someone’s stuck in hell? Go get them. They’re being possessed by a demon? Time to exorcise the evil being straight out of their body. That’s how Winchesters roll. And while the brothers have had disagreements about their unending battle to save one another’s life, there’s beauty in their loyalty to each other.

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