There’s no denying what a huge impact Abby Sciuto has had on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The perpetual optimist is always there to give you what you need — whether it’s a confidence booster, some moral support or being put in your place, you can count on Abby. She’s there to pick you up when you’ve fallen down or kick your ass when you’re out of line. Abby Sciuto is the definition of friendship goals and here are five reasons she would make the most amazing BFF.

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1. She’ll Keep You in Stitches

Abby teeth ncis.gif Abby is probably the funniest character on NCIS and is always able to bring some light into a particularly dark moment. Even when she doesn’t try to, her lighthearted personality has the ability to put a smile on your face with every interaction you might have with her. If you’re looking for the funny, look for Abby. When you’re feeling down, you turn to a friend to bring a smile to your face. That’s what friends are for.

2. She’s Down to Play Dress Up

NCIS Abby dress up.gif If there’s one thing Abby’s known for, it’s her unique sense of style. She’ll try out any ensemble that makes her stand out even a little and doesn’t care what people think about it. If you’re ever in the mood to just put on a wacky outfit, Abby will be right there with you.

3. She’s Not Afraid to Get Real

Abby why are you here NCIS.gif We all need a friend who can get blunt, and this is a trait Abby has in spades. Too many people pussyfoot around the things that bother them. With Abby, she’ll be upfront with you about the wrong things you’re doing and why. Remember when Gibbs hooked up with his ex wife and Abby was quick to call him out on it? Even if you don’t want to admit it, we all need a friend this candid.

4. She’s Super Sympathetic

NCIS bad still wins.gif Abby has a tendency to become very emotional when someone she cares about is hurt. When someone on the NCIS team has endured physical trauma or is in any danger, she’s been known to panic and basically have a nervous breakdown. This isn’t because she wants attention, but because when she cares about someone, she wholeheartedly feels for them. Can you ask for any better trait in a friend?

5. She Goes the Extra Mile

NCIS Abby rolf.gif Abby is fiercely loyal. She’s the type of girl who’s got your back no matter what. Her colleagues are her friends, and her friends are all family to her. This means that even when times get tough, she sticks around. It’s this trait that makes everyone so fond of her. She goes above and beyond for her friends, like the time when she “rolfed” Jimmy Palmer after he pulled his oblique while working in the morgue.

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Basically, Abby is every type of friend we want in a group, but all wrapped up in one.

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