What’s Supernatural without Lucifer? Since his introduction in season 5, Lucifer has played a large part in the popular CW show, tricking innocent humans in an effort to create chaos and destroy his father’s creations. But, as with all angels on the show, he needs a vessel to walk the earth. Fueled by some major daddy issues, he’s burned through numerous bodies — all too weak to carry his celestial being for any long period of time. However, there were some memorable vessels along the way, ones that viewers will remember both for their appearance and the actors’ portrayal of the devious archangel. Here are five of the most significant vessels that Lucifer’s inhabited over the years.

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5. President Jefferson Rooney (Played by David Chisum)

Lucifer’s cohabitation with the president of the United States may have been short-lived, but boy, was it memorable. From the start of the season 12 episode “LOTUS,” we knew were in for trouble when we saw Lucifer convince President Jefferson Rooney to allow him entry into his body. But we had no idea what was in store.

David Chisum’s portrayal of Lucifer was swift and powerful, allowing viewers to see the sweet Christian man who desperately wanted to protect his country transform into a bitter Lucifer, quick to kill anyone who posed a threat to his new position. Even though Lucifer ended up getting expelled from President Rooney’s body by the end of the episode, Lucifer made an impact in his latest meat suit, impregnating a White House staffer named Kelly with, according to Castiel, a nephilim — a plot point that’s sure to drive the rest of season 12.

4. Sam Winchester (Played by Jared Padalecki)

We love us some Sam Winchester, so when the brooding younger brother allowed Lucifer to enter his body, we were shocked — and scared. Of course, he had good intentions; he was trying to drag Lucifer back to his cage in hell, but that didn’t lessen the blow of seeing our favorite Moose turn on Dean as Lucifer took control. Once Sam regained control of his body, he was able to fall into hell, devastating his brother but protecting the world from the chaos that was sure to follow under Lucifer’s reign. Jared Padalecki played him perfectly too, using all the facial twitches in his arsenal to convey the condescending nature of God’s former favorite child.

3. Castiel (Played by Misha Collins)

Who doesn’t love Castiel and all of his asinine insults? While he’s not the sharpest when it comes to pop culture and everyday life on earth, he gets a pass since, you know, he’s an angel. With only ever good intentions, he accepted Lucifer into his vessel — R.I.P. Jimmy — in order to help God defeat the Darkness. Even though his actions proved fruitless in the end, we were treated to Misha Collins‘s natural voice as he delivered snarky lines and — for once — emotive facial expressions other than Castiel’s trademark sad puppy dog look.

2. Vince Vincente (Played by Rick Springfield)

Vince Vincente was a rock n’ roll god long before Lucifer entered the picture. Even Sam enjoyed his albums, much to Dean’s dismay. However, after his lover killed herself, Vincente had been depressed, drinking alone and mourning her loss. So when Lucifer shows up as the ghost of Vincente’s ex-girlfriend, it’s hardly surprising that he’d agree to his terms in order to feel some relief. But when Lucifer resurrects Vincente’s dried-up career, he threatens to gain a hoard of followers, passionately loyal to the famed rock star. And, with the possibility of an entire fan base dedicated to Vincente and, therefore, Lucifer, the results could have been devastating.

Rick Springfield’s portrayal of the fallen angel stands out as one of the best character depictions on Supernatural. Not only was he dark, hot-tempered and malicious, he was also a diva who thrived on getting what he wanted and screwing the rest. And he even looked the part too. With Vincente’s black leather vests, scraggly hair and charcoal-lined eyes, he finally looked like the evil image conservative mothers everywhere warn their children about. Plus, Vincente’s Lucifer gets bonus points for being played by an actual rock star.

1. Nick (Played by Mark Pellegrino)

Let’s face it. When you think of Supernatural‘s Lucifer, only one face truly stands out: Nick’s. While you might have forgotten the man before the vessel — I’ll admit, I had to look up his name — it’s unlikely you’ve separated Nick from Lucifer since his first appearance in season 5. Nick’s personal story, however, was heartbreaking. His wife and child were murdered one night, and afterwards, a sad and lonely Nick remained in the house until Lucifer appeared as a hallucination, taking the form of Nick’s wife. Lucifer vowed to get justice for the murder of Nick’s family, an empty promise, and Nick allowed him to enter his body.

But it’s not just Nick’s background that makes us feel for the character. It’s Mark Pellegrino’s cutting portrayal of Lucifer that always leaves us stunned. The actor’s able to deliver devastating lines with simultaneous sass and disinterest. He appears intelligent and plotting without the overture of a grand super villain. Instead he operates like a master chess player, always a couple steps ahead of the Winchesters, disintegrating their plans with just a wave of his hand.

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In season 12, it’s unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Lucifer. Even though Sam and Dean may have evicted him from the President’s body, we’re positive that the dark angel will return. After all, if he could escape a cage in hell by playing mind games, he’ll definitely be able to think of something to make his way back to earth. Plus, he has a baby on the way, and it’s doubtful he’d abandon his only creation — a potential antichrist — just as his father left him.

Whatever happens, Lucifer is definitely one character that never fails to move the Supernatural story forward, and we’ll always welcome his return, even if that spells trouble for the Winchesters.

What vessel do you think Lucifer will infiltrate next? Another powerful figure with adoring fans? Or someone more under the radar? Let us know in the comments below.

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