When The Flash season 3 returns for its winter premiere, titled “Borrowing Problems from the Future,” Barry and the team will have a daunting task ahead of them. Can they try to prevent Iris’ death from happening in the future? Barry is determined to protect Iris, but can he when he’s planning to alter the future?

The CW has released photos for the winter premiere (season 3, episode 10), which you can check out below:

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H.R. Wells and Cisco Share a Smile

H.R. on a Segway

H.R. and Barry Speak with a Woman Named Olga


The Team Speaks with Julian

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Can Barry and the Team Prevent Iris’ Death?

Barry Allen as The Flash

Wally West as Kid Flash

Barry Travels to the Future

Jared Morillo aka Plunder

Can Barry protect Iris? Will Barry and the team be able to figure out what led up to Iris’ possible death? And will they be successful in preventing that fate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Flash winter premiere airs Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 8/7c on The CW. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

(Images courtesy of The CW)

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