NCIS is focusing on “Willoughby” when an undercover operation to apprehend a businessman who uses acts of terror to manipulate the stock market is compromised. As the team searches for new leads, Bishop works with Qasim and finds a break in the case.

Operation Willoughby was first mentioned in “Pay to Play,” when Quinn spotted the file on Reeves’ desk. It had been delayed for six months because no one was willing to sign up; they were only looking for recruits willing to take risks, she recalled, likening it to a suicide mission. But Reeves revealed he had his reasons for signing up.

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Watch the promo for “Willoughby”:

What happens that puts someone in the hospital?

Check out a sneak peek of the undercover operation:

The plane may be ready for departure, but its passengers are the ones who get the final approval — and that includes the substitute for the pilot who has food poisoning. Jenkins has already been vetted, so, as Vance tells Gibbs, “Operation Willoughby is a go,” with Reeves undercover.

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See why McGee isn’t participating in the rest of the team’s banter:

What begins as some flirty exchanges between Bishop and Qasim ends with the rest of the team curious what has McGee so distracted he can’t join them in talking about where they do their best thinking. For Bishop, it’s the library, Qasim a forest, Quinn when she’s sleeping and Torres the bathroom.

But McGee’s too busy reading something, and fortunately for him — because he cannot lie convincingly — Gibbs tells him to read the others in on Willoughby.

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