From the very beginning of Big Brother 19 it was clear that Kevin was not the usual contestant for the reality series. Putting aside the fact that Kevin is almost twice as old as the average Big Brother houseguest, Kevin is just very, very weird. Kevin is TV gold but he is a little too clueless and eccentric to be the type of Big Brother player who usually excels in the game. Somehow though, Kevin has found himself in one of the best spots in the house. Even if it is unintentional, Kevin might be playing the best game of the season.

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A Lovable Goof

Kevin is certainly not going to go down in history as one of the best Big Brother players ever. Even three weeks in, Kevin seems fuzzy on the most basic aspects of the game. Kevin’s utter ignorance of Nicole’s identity when she entered the house was amazing but just the tip of the iceberg. It’s pretty likely that if Kevin actually won a competition he wouldn’t know how to handle the power at all or what his responsibilities would be for the week.  

Kevin’s ignorance in the game has really only helped him get to the place he’s in, however. Nearly everyone has come up as a threat or a target even this season but it is Kevin who is squeaking by unnoticed by everyone. No one wants to get rid of Kevin and while that can make him seem like the ultimate floater this isn’t really the case. 

Kevin might not have a strong grasp on the mechanics of Big Brother but he is still playing the game. Kevin has saddled himself up to the most powerful person in the house (for now), Paul, but still has connections to the “outcast” half. Kevin is playing both sides of the house but in a way that will never get him into trouble or call his loyalty into question.  

Kevin is just forming really solid connections. Kevin is playing the type of social game that typically gets houseguests into trouble very quickly but Kevin is has no issues. Since Kevin is (or seems) clueless about what exactly a Power of Veto does, it just makes his socializing seem harmless and not in any way insidious. A true floater is someone like Jillian who did nothing or made friendships with only a handful of people. Kevin is not a floater. Kevin might be a nonentity when it comes to competitions and strategizing but his social game is incredibly strong. 

Stumbling to the End

Anyone in a position of power in Big Brother 19 could have their game cut short very quickly. Paul’s days are likely numbered to less than a week once his Pendant of Protection expires. Even people who are in the majority alliance but haven’t done much to make themselves threats, like Matt or Raven, don’t have long to last on the top. This is not even to mention people like Jason who are not in the majority but still have made big enough moves with competitions that they will be considered threats that need to be axed sooner rather than later. Kevin, however, will go very far. 

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There is no reason for anyone to want to get rid of Kevin because he is in no way threatening. It is not exactly an exciting strategy but it is an effective one. Nicole from BB18 and Morgan from Big Brother: Over the Top made it to the end and won by playing similarly to Kevin. They were involved in the big moves but were never the mastermind or biggest threat. Playing under the radar and quietly is a perfectly legitimate strategy to make it to the end in Big Brother

If anyone is most likely to end up in the final two right now, it is Kevin. Whether Kevin is able to win Big Brother 19 or not is another story. While Kevin has certainly been playing the game, he needs to do more than just throw in a weird hinky vote and make people like him to win the game, even considering Morgan and Nicole’s wins. Yet if a houseguest’s game is being judged on how likely it is for them to go far in the season, Kevin is, by far, playing the best game.

But what do you think of Kevin? Is he playing a great game or is he just a goofball? Is playing a pure social game a way to win Big Brother? Who do you think is playing the best game? 

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