A lot of people don’t like Negan on The Walking Dead. Okay. A lot of people hate Negan on The Walking Dead. Everyone seems to hate him for different reasons — the most obvious being he’s a homicidal dictator who takes and takes to survive.

But Daryl has reason to hate Negan the most after the way he was captured and treated at the Saviors’ compound. Richard, of The Kingdom, can’t stand supplying the Saviors with perfectly good food and weapons that his community could be using. They both want to be done with the Saviors, which is why they need to join forces to convince King Ezekiel to join Rick’s fight.

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Richard Knows Where Carol Is

Ezekiel has a little thing for Carol, which is why Richard has already sought her help to get Ezekiel to stand up to Negan and the Saviors. However, he hit a dead end, as Carol just wants to live in peace by herself and not be bothered with any more death or a war.

With Daryl teaming up with Richard, they could go back to Carol to seek her help again. I have a feeling that Carol will change her mind once she knows what Negan has done to the group. And she should certainly change her mind since her best friend forever Daryl despises Negan. Once Carol is on Team Rick again, it shouldn’t take long for Ezekiel to join too.

Daryl and Richard Have Knowledge of the Saviors

Even though he was locked in a cell for a while, Daryl does have a little bit of the lay of the land at Negan’s compound. And since he broke out, he should know a way back in.

Richard has knowledge of some of the Saviors. He’s always at the Savior pickups, and has had run-ins with some of the Saviors. He knows how they think. He knows their weaknesses and their strengths.

With both of their knowledge of the Saviors, the pair could be a huge resource in the war on the Saviors.

Dwight Is Almost There Too

In the novels, Ezekiel doesn’t even hesitate in joining Rick. In fact, he has an insider in Dwight, who is more than willing to turn over intel from Negan’s compound. We do know that Dwight is not happy working for Negan, as his wife is Negan’s number one wife. Plus, Negan burned Dwight’s face when he went behind his back and slept with his wife. And it was either Dwight or his wife who told Daryl when it was a good time to run. So, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before it’s revealed that Dwight is going to betray Negan too.

While Dwight and Daryl definitely got off on the wrong foot, I think once Daryl sees that Dwight wants to take down Negan too, both he and Richard will use that to their advantage and have even more eyes inside the compound.

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Alliances Work Toward Good

Any alliance between someone from Team Rick and someone from any other community is a good alliance. If Daryl and Richard teamed up, it would be a good alliance. I’m sure they could convince Ezekiel to change his mind to join the fight. Plus, Daryl needs more friends outside of the main group, especially now that Carol is gone and Rick’s left him in the safety of the Kingdom.

But only time will tell if the Kingdom, the Hilltop, Alexandria and possibly a new group will be able to join forces to take down the Saviors. While I don’t know if Richard and Daryl will become friends, I can only see the advantages of this friendship in defeating Negan.

Do you think a Daryl and Richard alliance will help Rick’s cause in defeating Negan? Do you think the group even stands a chance of taking down the Saviors? Let us know in the comments below.

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