On this episode of Star, “Mama’s Boy,” Alex, Simone and Star throw a fundraiser to raise money for Derek’s bail. Star also goes to Hunter for help, but he cannot control his temper when she asks him for money. Carlotta continues to deal with Cotton’s transition with the help of Pastor Harris.

Bail Me Out

Alex’s mother returns to pay her bail and pick her up from jail after she was arrested on her way home from the rally. Carlotta is also waiting for Alex, and tells her that she is going to Derek’s arraignment. Alex goes with her, and Derek’s bail is set for $250,000 because he is being charged for inciting a riot, resisting arrest and aggravated assault against a police officer. While Star suggests that they throw a fundraiser concert to raise money for Derek’s bail, Alex’s mom offers to just give her the money if she agrees to leave Atlanta.
Alex goes to visit Derek in jail, and he tells her he is going to take the plea deal because he knows he is going to lose the trial. She reminds him that he used to think he was going to save the world, and tells him she is disappointed in him for giving up. After her visit, Alex begs Star to ask Hunter for the money for Derek. After Star and Hunter hook up, she asks him to donate to Derek’s fundraiser and he freaks out about her asking for more money. They start to fight, and he hits Star after she calls him a “mama’s bitch.” (Star really has a way with words.)

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Four’s a Crowd

Jahil gets a call from Connie (his friend who is connected to the Atlanta music festival) about Big Trouble’s video from the rally. He says Eva’s voice adds something to the music group that wasn’t there before, and he should consider adding her to the band. Once Star finds out about the video, she loses it and demands Jahil takes it down because she is not in it.

After a few dates, Cotton worries about how to tell her new man, Elliott, that she is transgender. She explains her past to him, including the fact that she still has a penis, and he is fine with it. Elliott walks Cotton inside, and they run into Carlotta and Pastor Harris. After the men both leave, Carlotta slaps Cotton and asks her not to have her sex change surgery. Later on, Carlotta apologies to Cotton and tells her that she supports her, but still wants her to go to Pastor Harris for advice.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

After her fight with Hunter, Star goes back to rehearsing for the fundraiser with Simone and Alex. They can tell something is wrong, and the three girls joke about whether or not other girl groups like Destiny’s Child and TLC had as much drama as them. At the fundraiser, they perform TLC’s hit “Waterfalls,” and it made me wish they would just perform covers instead of original music during the rest of the show. Hunter shows up at the fundraiser, and brings Missy Elliott (who plays a fictional famous rapper named Pumpkin) with him to talk to the crowd and perform. However, when they do not raise enough money for Derek’s bail, Alex is forced to take the deal from her mom and plans to leave with her after she pays his bail in the morning.

Too Late To Apologize

Hunter shows up at Star’s house and apologizes for hitting her. Just like Star, he also has a way with words and explains he “has been burned by so many crazy bitches that he just lost it.” She refuses to give him another chance.

Pastor Harris meets with Cotton, and forces her to pray, admit her sins and say “I am a man.” Cotton is very upset, and accuses Carlotta of setting her up. Carlotta kicks Pastor Harris out of her house, and it’s safe to say they will not be “sinning” together anymore. There is also a random Queen Latifah rap music video thrown in, which was fun to watch, but I don’t think it belonged in this serious moment. After everything, Cotton is in the bathroom pointing a gun to her head. Star finds her, and helps her put down the gun.

Even though Alex’s mom pays Derek’s bail, she refuses to leave town with her and reunites with Derek outside of the jail. Star quits the band after Jahil brings Eva to rehearsal. Elsewhere, the police run DNA on Otis’ body, and discover he matches the DNA they found in the car.

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