Michael and Harvey reunite on the episode of Suits called “Admission of Guilt.” Their nostalgic bromance doesn’t take long to begin in the latest episode. 

But it could be what lands them in trouble with a vigilant CEO and the sneaky plaintiff they have been representing. Plus, it doesn’t help that Harvey is forced to choose between Michael and Louis.
Michael wants Harvey to reassure him that they are doing whatever they need to in order to help Rachel pass the bar. Louis and Tara are still getting to know one another after their hiccup in a previous episode. But Louis makes it clear he’s still all in when raising the child, despite Tara’s consistent reminders that the child she is currently carrying isn’t his biological child. Louis then reveals he wants to have “at least” one biological child with Tess.

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Michael Believes in Oliver Even When He Doesn’t Believe in Himself

Michael tries to get help from Oliver in the lawsuit but thanks to his flustered situation the last time he was in court, Oliver is pretty hesitant in stepping back into the courtroom. Michael guarantees that he’s ready for this case and gives him the details. Oliver realizes that this case is possibly personal. Harvey then goes back to Craig and reveals that Michael will be the one representing him in court. But the plaintiff, Craig definitely isn’t feeling it considering Michael has yet to go to law school. But Harvey lets Craig know he’s going to help Michael change that and threatens that if he doesn’t provide his assistance, their deal is off.

Louis vs. Michael in Harvey’s Attention

Louis takes a break from preparing for father duty to seek out Harvey’s help on a very important case. He’s surprised when Harvey accepts Louis’s plea but is brought to ease when Harvey reminds Louis that they’re partners. Meanwhile, Oliver has found just what Michael needs to make a strong case against Velocity. While Oliver is still eerie about taking the case on in court, Michael lets him know he has what it takes to rumble with the big dogs.

Harvey approaches Donna about Louis’s request and to his surprise (and some viewers) Donna is using The Donna machine that Benjamin showed her in a previous episode. Harvey isn’t impressed but has trouble telling the real Donna apart from the machine when he gets ready to leave her area.

Michael Goes Big, But is it Too Big?

Michael reaches out to one of the people that Velocity possibly screwed over but the possible plaintiff isn’t convinced that Michael is one of the good guys, let alone if he has a real case, as he’s nervous about the non-disclosure agreement he signed. He then confesses that he doesn’t have much life left due to a rare disease. Michael says that can be used as fuel in the case against Velocity, but the man reveals that he possibly had a part in all of the wrongdoing. Still, Michael is willing to work with him in moving forward in the case. So he and the man come to some type of agreement.

Rachel pays Harvey a visit and tells him that she passed the Character and Fitness Committee portion of the test without even having to have an interview. But she knows what Michael and Harvey are up to so she’s not clear on whether she really deserves it. She’s also concerned about the moves they’re moving to help Michael pass the bar as well. She makes Harvey promise that “if things go south, you’ll pull the plug on the whole thing.”

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A lawyer at Michael’s organization, Nathan, confronts him for giving Oliver an assignment that the group hasn’t taken on officially. While Michael tries to prove why this is an important case, Michael says he’s already in too deep.

Meanwhile, Benjamin is still trying to convince Donna that she needs The Donna in her life but she is still trying to teach him to have more sympathy and empathy and operate in a less robotic manner; despite being a handheld machine. Still, Benjamin shows later that he isn’t sure if he has what it takes to do what Donna wants.

Michael is definitely busy in this episode as he comes face-to-face with the Velocity CEO, Mr. Palmer, who’s not threatened by Michael’s statements against the company such as victims dying from lung cancer. But Mr. Palmer lets Michael know he plans to fight his lawsuit and vows to “bury” him and “whatever is left” of the legal clinic he works in. But Michael pulls out a card that Mr. Palmer clearly didn’t see coming.

Louis Loses to Michael?

Donna takes a break from trying out The Donna to approach Harvey about working with Michael on the complaint against Velocity. Harvey knows something is up considering he didn’t want to be involved in the case on paper. Harvey considers giving up the case especially when thinking about the promise he made to Rachel. But he and Michael agree to still work together against Velocity. Michael briefs Harvey on his one-on-one with Velocity and that adds more fuel to Harvey’s desire to take down the company.

Louis comes at possibly the worst time in asking for Harvey’s help in his own case. But Harvey hits Louis with the harsh reality that the case he’s working on with Michael takes priority. He then lets Louis know that Michael is likely going to come back to the firm if things go according to their plan. Donna overhears it all but it’s not clear on what she thinks about it. She ends up encouraging Louis to take on the client despite Harvey’s inability to help. He ends up calling on Rachel and Katrina to help him.

Michael and Harvey’s Friendship Returns?

Nathan comes across Michael and Harvey’s agreement to co-council and he’s even more livid about it and suspects that something is definitely up with him. Nathan accuses Michael of using the case as a “stepping stone” to get back to the firm but Michael reassures Nathan that’s not the case while pointing out that Harvey did offer him a much better paying consulting job but he refused it to stay at the clinic. Still, things get interesting when Oliver and Harvey come face-to-face. Michael tries to let Oliver know that he doesn’t want to go back to the firm. And Oliver points out that the lawyers at the firm are missing the humanity factor even though Oliver seems discouraged after working with the lawyers. But all of the lying Michael is doing is starting to get to him. Harvey tries to let him know it’s all for the best and Michael reveals that Oliver has had more of an impact on him than Oliver might think. Harvey pushes Michael to continue pushing toward the fight against Velocity.

A late-night crash course doesn’t leave Katrina very hopeful in the upcoming meeting Louis’s important client. But the ladies are able to channel their inner planners and come up with an amazing idea that really could impress her. Louis has nothing but smiles and is impressed with their work before the meeting even begins. But Rachel can’t help but to ask Katrina about her past with her father. Despite their new connection, the client fires the firm because Harvey wasn’t in the meeting per her request.

Michael Proves He Can’t Be Bought, but Can Harvey?

Michael approaches Mr. Palmer once again and reassures him there’s no way he’d sign a settlement, even one to the tune of $100 million, without an admission of guilt (hence the name of the episode). Mr. Palmer refuses to do so which makes Michael want to fight the case even harder. He updates Harvey and they do their back-and-forth dance before Michael thanks Harvey for the opportunity. That’s when Craig confronts Michael for the way that he’s running the case. But Mr. Palmer moves his attention over to Harvey in an attempt to find a settlement “to make this go away.” Harvey says $500 million, pointing out that Mr. Palmer poisoned his employees. Mr. Palmer tries to low ball him but in the end, they both decide to go to court until Mr. Palmer reveals he’s fully aware of what Michael and Harvey are up to. But what Mr. Palmer doesn’t know is that Harvey has another trick up his sleeve. But Mr. Palmer calls his bluff and it looks like Craig is the one who has some explaining to do after Mr. Palmer reveals this case has nothing to do with Craig trying to cover up a secret affair from his wife.

Meanwhile, Oliver confronts Michael about his lies and demands him to “set the right example” as Harvey finds out that Craig is hiding an off-shore account with $300,000 in it. He is convinced that Craig was in on the Velocity scandal and Harvey doesn’t want to be associated with him anymore. But still, wants him to play a part in Michael passing the bar now that he has leverage. 

Should Harvey have chosen Michael over Louis? Is Donna being too hard on Benjamin? Is Oliver ready for a case as big as the one against Velocity after his failure in a previous episode?

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