The Big Brother 19 live feeds have been rather toxic this summer. On the show fans have seen plenty of fights and drama, mostly surrounding Josh, but the live feeds paint a much uglier picture of what has been going on. And at the center of most of it is Alex, who has turned being petty into a way of life.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds.

The problems with Alex are many, both on a game and on a personal level. In the game, her biggest flaw is constantly making the wrong decisions. She blindly trusts Paul because she claims that “friendship” is his brand and he can’t break that. She also has said multiple times that Paul is only there to help the other HGs play a better game and help them win. She seems to think that he’s a coach.

Obviously this is foolish because we know that Paul wants to target Alex and take her out within the next two weeks. She has no idea that she’s a target and now she wants to go after Kevin, who is one of the only people in the house who isn’t immediately targeting Alex and Jason.

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But Alex is also painful to watch for her personal behavior. First there’s the way she treats Jason, her alleged best friend and ride-or-die. She’s constantly berating and belittling him, calling him an idiot and punching his arm every time she disagrees with him. I guess in her mind, calling someone a “dumb mother f***er” is a term of endearment.

Like most of the HGs, she has regularly been a part of trashing others behind their backs, whether it’s Cody and Jessica, Mark, Raven and Matt, Ramses and now Kevin. This is, sadly, the way the game has played out and constantly bad mouthing others seems to have become the acceptable strategy of the year.

But this week she’s taking it to a new level with her hatred for Kevin. Kevin is a Have-Not this week and Alex decided it would be funny to throw away the Slop. She talks to the others about wanting to attack him and make him feel old, senile and worthless. Alex wants to have everyone in the house gather around him and just launch into a series of attacks against him one at a time.

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On Tuesday morning alone, while talking to Jason, Alex compared Kevin to a murderer and a child molester, because he allegedly preys on people who are weak. And some of the others, like Paul and Christmas, have started to take note of the fact that Alex takes personal viciousness to a whole new and disturbing level.

It’s not fun to watch. Whether you’re a fan for the drama or the strategic gameplay, Alex doesn’t offer a good version of either. She’s just a mean-spirited and petty person with a terrible strategy. HGs like Matt may be pointless, Raven may be annoying and Paul may be cocky, but Alex has managed to turn herself into one of the most unlikable people the show has seen in a longtime.

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