Way back in week 4 of Big Brother 19, Paul rallied Alex, Jason, Kevin, Christmas, Matt and Raven to save Josh. Ramses was the sacrificial lamb and Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena became the next four targets. It’s taken more than a month, but now he’s finally succeeded and it’s time for that big group of Paul’s minions to turn on each other. But first, Mark needs to be evicted.

The Couples Target Each Other

Everyone knows Mark is going home because Christmas thinks he’s disloyal to her, her team and the house. Sigh, this is not a team sport.

Paul talks with Matt and Raven about taking a shot at Jason and Alex, with Paul pushing for Jason to go home first. Then he talks to Alex who wants to go after Matt. Paul is just running around playing everyone, telling them all that they are his true secret alliance and setting up different target orders for everyone. Even though Paul has had a secret alliance with Alex for a long time, he’s worried that he can’t beat her. Literally all three of these pairs want to go to the Final 3 with Paul, which is embarrassing.

Finally, Paul chats with Christmas about how perfect it is for them and Josh that Maven and Jalex are going after each other. He brags to her about how he’s going to steamroll everyone and drag Christmas and Josh to the end. For some reason, Christmas is happy with that.

Mark tries to campaign a bit to Jason, then Kevin, Alex and Paul, but it’s all for nothing. No one commits and they’re just politely hearing him out.

Julie Talks to the HGs

Julie Chen talks to the HGs about Christmas making it so far despite her injury and Matt’s orange t-shirt. Wow, this is painful and pointless filler. Julie then shows them some of the falls from the PoV competition.

Then we get even more filler with a segment about Jason’s wife because she’s newly pregnant. His wife Holly is surprisingly hot and his son is adorable. She found out that she was pregnant five days after he moved into the house. Holly says that Alex is a very smart player and Jason needs her.

The Live Eviction

Matt brags about how he’s a loser who will only eat cereal and shower. Mark’s speech is very sweet about how he started watching 10 years ago with his mom and she’s watching him from Heaven. He loves everyone.

Raven votes to evict…Mark
Josh votes to evict…Mark
Kevin votes to evict…Mark
Jason votes to evict…Matt
Alex votes to evict…Matt
Paul votes to evict…Mark

Mark is evicted 4-2!

What the heck is up with Alex and Jason’s votes? Apparently Jalex decided to give him some sympathy votes, according to Mark. Mark blames Cody for ruining his game and Elena for distracting him. He also thinks Dominique leaving was the start of his downfall. He’s very sweet and lovable, but too naïve for this game. He thinks Josh is a great guy and Mark just played poorly. Julie suggests that Mark and Josh go on The Amazing Race together.

Goodbye Messages: Paul literally tells Mark to put in a good word for him in the jury house. Wow, that’s blatant pandering for jury votes.

The HoH Competition Begins

It’s a baseball-themed endurance competition where the HGs stand inside giant hot dog buns. There are thin ledges for them to stand on with hand grips to hold and they must stay up as long as possible. The buns move up and down and tilt forward and they get sprayed with water and condiments.

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