‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won the Week 9 HoH Competition?

  • Aug 24, 2017
  • Buddy TV

Big Brother 19 has hit a long dry spell of endurance HoH competitions in recent weeks. Jessica’s win back in week 4 was the last endurance HoH, but Alex winning on the Wall in week 3 is the last time we actually got to see an HoH competition play out on the live feeds.

After Mark’s eviction, Paul, Matt, Raven, Josh, Alex, Jason and Kevin began their battle to become the next HoH, and without any obvious house targets, it’s important to win.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

It’s a simple battle of endurance where the HGs stand in giant hot dog buns with thin ledges to stand on and hand grips to hold. The buns tilt forward and they get sprayed with water and condiments. The last person standing wins.

Here is my live blog of the Big Brother 19 live feeds. As always, all times are PT.

6:53pm: The competition begins on the live show.

7:10pm: The live feeds are back. All seven HGs are still in it.

7:11pm: Kevin is OUT!

7:12pm: Everyone makes fun of Kevin for falling so quickly.

7:14pm: Matt is OUT!

7:15pm: The buns suddenly tilted forward and Matt wasn’t prepared.

7:18pm: Alex us struggling a lot and complaining about the condiments in her eyes.

7:20pm: Alex us struggling to wash off the condiments from her hands. Raven and Paul seem to be getting far less condiments than the others.

7:24pm: Josh is OUT!

7:25pm: After only half an hour, three are out and Alex, Jason, Paul and Raven are left.

7:27pm: Jason and Paul are cracking a lot of weiner jokes.

7:34pm: Raven is staying very silent.

7:40pm: Raven asks the others to drop so she can get a letter from her mom. She claims they know who her target is and it’s none of them.

7:47pm: Paul is OUT!

7:47pm: Raven is OUT!

7:48pm: It’s down to Alex and Jason. Even Matt is upset that one of them won’t throw it since they all know those two are together. Just like the Wall, these two are at the end.

7:49pm: Alex wants her third HoH. Jason won’t drop. Matt is weirded out. This is pretty hilarious stuff since neither is willing to budge and Matt just wants to go inside and eat pizza.

7:51pm: Alex and Jason are jut yelling at each other and taunting each other. She wants safety and his jury vote in exchange for dropping.

7:53pm: Alex is OUT!

Jason is the new HoH!

That was a hilarious ending to just an hour-long competition. Now the real fun begins because Jason gets to take the first shot and will almost certainly nominate Matt and Raven. Some are pushing Kevin as a target, but it seems unlikely that he’d go up.

A lot of people were already talking about Jason as a target, and this only magnifies that. He now has two HoHs and two PoVs, the same as Paul and one more PoV than Alex.

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