America’s Got Talent heavily front-loaded the first live show with some heavy hitting talent that resulted in an amazing act like Bello Nock being sent home undeservedly. In the second round of the live shows, AGT did whatever the exact opposite of front-loading is. It was a bad show, but it was one with some pretty clear-cut winners and losers. Luckily, that makes the job of predicting who will go home much, much easier, so let’s get to it.

As per my usual rules for predicting this season, I’ll be choosing the five acts most likely to go home, along with some speculation about who will be involved in the Dunkin’ Save.

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Mirror Image

If this identical twin nightmare doesn’t go home, then America’s Got Talent needs to be cancelled. It does feel a little weird being overly critical about them because they’re just kids, but they just shouldn’t have made it this far. They are at a high school talent show level; they don’t need or deserve a national stage. They are certainly big characters and they’re a love-or-hate-it type of act, but it’s likely the haters will far outweigh the lovers. 

The Pompeyo Family

Pooches are wonderful and the success of Olate Dogs is one of the greatest thing to come out of AGT as a franchise. However, The Pompeyo Family is no Olate Dogs. They’re not bad; they’re just not very interesting. It’s hard to imagine many people feeling passionately about the same act that has been seen repeatedly and deciding to vote. 

The Masqueraders 

Just from a story perspective, these guys rocking the competition and coming out on top would be incredible. It’s just not likely to happen. America’s Got Talent loves to reward young singers, but the age pendulum does not swing the other way. Anyone over the age of 40 rarely succeeds on AGT, and these guys will, sadly, be no different. It also doesn’t help that their genre of music appeals to a crowd that is not going to be very motivated (or even understand how) to vote.

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Eric Jones

America’s Got Talent really needs a solid magician to show up, but Eric might not be the one the show needs or deserves. His sleight of hand card tricks were impressive but not really something that will wow people. It was a lot of build-up for very little reward. Eric’s performance seemed like more of an audition piece because it appealed and catered so much to the judges than something that belongs in the live shows. The voting might very well reflect that fact too.

Now for the final act to get the boot. There are a number of people who could be in trouble and be saved only by the grace of Dunkin’ Donuts. Celine Tam is, in many ways, just as exhausting as Mirror Image and could go home. Demian Aditya, meanwhile, tried for something different rather than doing the exact same escape as before, but a technical failure made the whole thing look very sloppy. 

Ultimately, the last act going home, whether it be because of the Dunkin’ Save or not, will be…

Brobots & Mandroidz

The second round of the quarterfinals had a surprising amount of dancers, and that’s never a popular category. If any two dancing acts are going to get the votes, though, it’s Merrick Hana and Light Balance, which leaves Brobots & Mandroidz way out of the running. They were given the unenviable spot of opening the show, and they did nothing to really stick in people’s memories for votes. They could be a victim of an unlucky act placement, but the truth is that they never were that amazing to start. 

Do you agree with these picks? Who are your theories on who is going home? Who do you want to go home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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