With Jody and Marlena gone on Big Brother 19, all of the house’s obvious targets have been evicted. Now it’s time for the eight remaining HGs to start turning on each other, and none of them seem to be aware of that fact. So who took the first shot?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Jason is the new HoH.

He nominated Matt and Raven.

Paul has told Maven that they are just pawns and the plan is to backdoor Kevin, and they totally believe it. However, Matt is the actual target. Things could get interesting as Paul’s plan involves using the Power of Veto on Raven so Kevin can go on the block, though the plan would still be to take out Matt, presumably.

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It’s truly absurd at how well Paul has managed to keep all of these pairs separate, to the point where Matt and Raven didn’t even bother talking to Jason about his plans, they just relied on Paul to do it for him.

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In addition, the Tree of Temptation once again lit up, but this time no one took an apple as per Paul’s orders. This is officially joining the Saboteur and the BB Takeover as one of the dumbest and most pointless twists ever, and it is in no way changing or affecting the game.


-Matt is only the 12th HG to be nominated four times in a row and he’s only the fifth man to do it. The other men who were nominated at least four consecutive times were season 15’s Spencer Clawson, season 16’s Donny Thompson and season 17’s Jason Roy and John McGuire (though the last three were largely due to the Battle of the Block).

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