It’s only the third episode of Big Brother 19 and we already have shocking exits, multiple showmances and game-changing powers. This episode has love, fighting, misheard faux racism, an obvious Temptation and, in a surprise twist ending, Cody gets emotional.

Showmances and Have-Nots

Mark flirts with Elena, Raven plays around with Matt and, even though Cody thinks that showmances are dumb, he’s obsessed with Jessica. Just like that, we’re starting the season with a trio of showmances: Marlena, Jody and Maven.

Cody as HoH picks five HGs to be Have-Nots and asks for volunteers. Josh, Megan, Ramses, Jillian and Paul volunteer and enter the Have-Not room filled with foam spikes on the beds. They also get a new temptation.

The first Have-Not to go to the diary room and request a key gets to open one of two boxes. One contains a free pass to get out of being Have-Not, but the other box has a Have-Not extension that will add an extra week to their time in the room.

Paul decides to take the temptation and he picks the right box. He is no longer a Have-Not and since Megan leaves, there are only three this week.

Megan’s Exit

Megan is already feeling overwhelmed after being attacked by Josh and Cody and she’s not sure she can handle it. Josh is also losing his mind with paranoia and homesickness. Mark pulls out the “Stop crying because you can’t see your parents right now because both of mine are dead” card.

Then we get to the controversy. Jessica refers to Alex as “Pao Pao,” the nickname of Paola from season 16, another tiny, spunky Asian HG. Megan mishears this and tells Alex that Jessica called her a “Panda,” a slur for an Asian person. Paul overhears this and rats out Megan to Jessica.

Jessica goes to Alex and says that Megan was making things up to create drama. This is all a bad game of telephone and Alex confronts Megan, leading to a big fight over racism. For some reason, Jessica never seems to bring up calling Alex “Pao Pao” to try and clear up the misunderstanding.

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Megan has a meltdown over the whole ordeal and leaves the show after several hours in the diary room. Cody gets a note and reads it to the HGs that Megan has left the game because of “an urgent personal matter.” Of course now that she’s out, there’s a little more to the story.

The Den of Temptation

The HGs are informed of the Den of Temptation where every week America will vote for one HG to receive the offer and, if accepted, it unleashes a consequence on the house. All HGs will enter the Den and will be told in secret if they get the offer. The Den is in last year’s Paris Room and it’s filled with artifacts, potions and snakes.

In a surprise to no one, Paul, the only returning player with a pre-existing fanbase, wins the first vote and is offered the Temptation. He is offered the Pendant of Protection which gives him immunity at the next three evictions, but it will only be revealed if he’s nominated.

He accepts it and, as a result, he must randomly pick a number to curse another HG for the next three weeks. The house is informed that the Temptation was accepted and everyone gets called to the Den a second time to find out who got the consequence, but we won’t find that out until the next episode.

The Re-Nomination
Because of Megan’s exit, Cody has to choose another nominee. He’s ecstatic that he gets to take out someone else in addition to Megan. Cody’s showmance allies want him to take out Alex, but he respects her as a competitor. He tries to get her to join his side, but she openly tells him that she wants to break up the showmances.

Cody nominates Alex.

He gets uncharacteristically emotional, saying he looked for any way not to do this but couldn’t. Now he wants to compete against her.

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