In the season 2 finale of The Real Housewives of Potomac, titled “Home is Where the Truth Is,” the ladies question the real reason for Karen’s move, Robyn and Juan discuss their future and the women attend a party and Karen’s new home.

For something as upscale as a “Champagne Room Party,” (a Housewives first), things have gotten lowdown and dirty pretty fast. Karen is disappointed that the ladies in her circle aren’t being especially supportive of her move, but she’s been awfully shady about the whole thing. And you can’t be such an overbearing snob about your zip code and not expect some fallout when you relocate.

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Not So Grand Dame

The other ladies may have questions on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but Karen isn’t about supplying answers. She shuts down the Q&(no)A with the old standby “I just want to do me.” She instructs the other women to embrace how she does things. (Yeah, cause that’s how Karen rolls.)

Karen then announces that she’s planning a 20th anniversary party in her new home. She’s also contemplating not inviting all the ladies since they — in her mind — feel the need to tear her down. Here’s a piece of advice: don’t build yourself up, and there won’t be anything to take down.

Ashley apologizes to Karen, stating that out of all the women, she knew the least about Karen’s move. She had a lot of questions, but she didn’t mean to come off as abrupt. Ashley’s just angling for an invite to the big bash.

“Love” and Basketball?

Juan tells Robyn that he’s heard of a possible coaching position — on the women’s side. Robyn questions if her husband is up to the task of dealing with a bunch of emotional, moody women.

Robyn thinks that after talking to everybody else about her relationship with her ex, it’s time to have a chat with him. She lets Juan know that she had no shortage of male attention while in Bermuda. She also reveals she went to see a therapist, and her homework was to go on a date with someone else. Juan is taken aback by the news that Robyn was in therapy and questions why she went. Robyn blames the trip to a mental health professional on her girlfriends constantly questioning her about her “It’s Complicated” relationship status, and she mentions Gizelle and Charrisse in particular.

Juan doesn’t think it’s anybody else’s business, but Robin says her pals just want her to be happy and thought a therapist could provide some clarity about the situation. Robyn says the ultimate takeaway from the whole experience is that she’s not really interested in anyone else and wants to spend more time with Juan. Robin doesn’t quite get the response she might have been hoping for, but she does make it clear that at some point, whether it’s with each other or not, they are both going to want more.

Juan does admit that he wouldn’t have been happy if Robyn had gone on a date, so that’s something. The twosome may not have all the answers, but they both seem to want to work on their relationship and not just as parents. Juan tells Robyn she’s his best friend, and nobody gets him like she does. But don’t get it twisted; Robyn has forgiven the infidelity, but it won’t be forgotten. They decide to re-examine things in six months, and either they’ll be madly in love or calling it quits.

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Just Friends

Juan and Robyn aren’t the only “couple” trying to figure out their relationship. Gizelle meets up with Kevin, who wants to know when they might take things to the next level (sex, sex, sex). Gizelle values their friendship and doesn’t want to mess it up, while Kevin thinks moving this up a notch (sex, sex, sex) could make things even better.

What poor Kevin doesn’t understand is that he’s firmly entrenched in the friend zone. He may think the matter is up for debate, but Gizelle’s mind is already made up. Gizelle is in no hurry to walk down the aisle. Girlfriend may not have her sex life on display during filming, but my guess is she’s getting it regularly and is content to do her own thing for now.

Sari Seems to Be the Hardest Word

Monique and her hubby are officially Potomac homeowners, and Ashley, Karen and Charrisse stop by to check out her new palatial estate. Monique is happy to have the women around as she transitions into the new area, and Ashley suggests that Monique be the “Duchess” of Potomac.

Karen extends invites to all — including Ashley — to her “exotic” Indian-African themed anniversary/housewarming party. Karen may irk the shit out of Ashley, but there’s no way Ashley is missing out on the chance to check out Karen’s new digs and maybe make some digs of her own.

The ladies arrive at Karen’s new pad and are surprised that the Grand Dame of Potomac is living in a sprawling, nine-bedroom estate. So much for downsizing. Monique shows up, and she obviously confused Indian with Native American because she’s dressed, as Gizelle says, like someone from the Village People.

The party is a bit of a schizophrenic affair, and there’s still buzz about why Ray and Karen would rent a place in the middle of BFE. There’s also zero furniture, which raises some eyebrows. The real shocker is when the happy couple decides to engage in some very graphic PDA that makes everybody go “Ew.”

Ashley apologizes to Robyn for being in her business and pushing the whole dating thing, and Robyn is eager to let it go.

Charrisse and Karen also make nice. Charrisse still doesn’t fully understand why Karen has kept so much about her move on the d-low, but they make peace, for now. (You know all that goodwill will go out the window come reunion time.)

The party is a success, and Karen is poised to gain the useless title of Grand Dame of Great Falls.

Since Filming Wrapped…

…Charrisse has renovated her whole home and no longer communicates with Eddie but still hasn’t received divorce papers; Robyn and Juan are making time for each other, she’s quit therapy and there’s no word if the cheating rumors are true; Gizelle and Kevin remain friends, but she is dating a retired basketball player; Monique is happy and redecorating their new pad, though they have yet to officially move in; and neither Ashley and Michael’s relationship nor their restaurant are doing especially well.

Is Karen hiding something? Is it the other ladies’ business if she is? Is Karen a hypocrite? Should Robyn move on from Juan? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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