It’s been a very eventful first week of Big Brother 19, but who will be the second person evicted and the third person to leave? After the nominations, second nominations and the Power of Veto competition, the PoV ceremony revealed which two HGs will be on the block for Thursday’s first live eviction.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 19 spoilers.

Megan left the house and Alex and Jillian are the nominees. Paul received the first Temptation and has three weeks of immunity, though it’s a secret. Alex won the Power of Veto.

Alex used the Power of Veto on herself. Cody nominated Christmas.

Well, actually Cody tried to nominate Paul, but then it was revealed that Paul got the first Temptation and has three weeks of safety. Christmas became the back-up option, but now the entire house knows about Paul’s immunity.

In the aftermath, Cody and Christmas had a fight where she called him disloyal and not a man of his word. Cody chose Christmas because of her association with Paul.  And Cody is definitely steaming over Paul’s immunity.  There’s also trouble in Cody and Jessica’s showmance because she didn’t know about this plan and is upset that he created chaos in the house.

Paul, meanwhile, went to work covering his butt by defending his secret Temptation to Dominique, Elena and Jessica. He explained that now he can’t trust the big group he thought he was with. Also, Christmas vented to those girls about how angry she is. On the other end, the guys talked about how they definitely need to take out Christmas now.

Afterwards in the HoH room, Jessica, Elena, Raven and Matt talked about how Cody screwed all of them because now Paul and Christmas won’t trust them. Raven and Elena mentioned that they will not vote to evict Christmas, but Jessica is trying to play devil’s advocate and get them to see how they might have to fall in line with Cody to vote out Christmas.

Basically, it seems that Jessica and Mark understand that, because of what Cody did, they have to vote out Christmas. But Elena, Raven, Matt and Dominique are emotional and don’t want to evict Christmas.

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