Ian Somerhalder was most famous for playing Boone Carlyle on the television series Lost. Due to his fondness for his stepsister Shannon, he was often gullible to her concocted scams to get his attention and money. Throughout the show, he maintained a generally helpful attitude towards other survivors and remained to be protective of Shannon. Drawn to Locke’s survival and hunting skills, he eventually became his protégé, but unfortunately sustained severe injuries and died on the episode entitled “Do No Harm” near the end of Season 1.  However, since his death on the show, he had appeared five times in forms of flashbacks and dreams sequences in episodes entitled “Exodus: Part 1 & 2,” “Abandoned,” “Further Instructions,” and “Exposé.”

After his death on Lost, Somerhalder appeared in the film TV: The Movie, also known as National Lampoon’s TV the Movie. This was followed by the movie Pulse, where he played the character Dexter McCarthy and starred opposite Kristen Bell. In addition, he portrayed the role of a drifter in the film The Sensation of Sight, an offbeat drama about an English teacher amidst his mid-life crisis.

At present, Somerhalder stars in his own mini-series entitled Marco Polo, which premiered on Monday, June 2nd on the Hallmark Channel. He plays the lead role of Marco Polo and are joined by other cast members like Kee Thuan Chye as Chief Map Maker, Brian Dennehy as Kublai Khan, Mark Jax as Niccolo Polo, Christian Lee as Cogatai, Kay Tong Lim as Lord Chenchu, Yan Luo as Chabi, Alan Shearman as Maffeo Polo, Desiree Ann Siahaan as Temulun/Kensai, and Daxing Zhang as Rebel Governor. Directed by Kevin Connor, the series is about the adventures and the discoveries of the Venetian, Marco Polo.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Kris De Leon

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