LOST fans already struggling to get through an eight month hiatus have something else to wait for as well, the third season DVD set.  Dubbed ‘LOST – The Unexplored Third Season,’ the set will remain unexplored until December 11th at the latest when the network announced it will release the set.  The unusually late release date has LOST fans bristling all over the LOST fan communities.

Most were hopefully, particularly by the ‘Unexplored’ in the title, that the set would provide some interesting new information to digest and discuss during the long wait for LOST’s fourth season to kick off.   With the exception of the top secret LOST video game being produced by UBI Soft LOST fans don’t have much to look forward to to get them through the long wait for season four.

Of course the episodes themselves are widely available on the Internet by many legit, as well as many illicit, means; so it is not as if fans won’t have the resources to review the season if they wish.  

In reality, the delay should have been anticipated.  The release of boxed sets often happen in close proximity to a shows premiere.  Often times sales figures and positive reviews of the sets help generate good word of mouth for the show.  Arguably, a show of legendary proportions such as LOST shouldn’t need that extra boost, but business will be business.

LOST fans should remain optimistic, however.  The season two LOST box set was originally scheduled for release several weeks later than its final release date; so it is still possible the December 11th date may be adjusted.

In the meantime, LOST fans do have San Diego Comic-Con to look forward to.  The LOST crew generally holds a very informative question and answer session at the comic convention and in the past has revealed many new tid bits of information concerning the show.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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