The auditions are over on So You Think You Can Dance and we’re moving on to Hollywood.  Last night’s final audition installment from Atlanta was one of the better ones and we saw a lot of talent and a couple good stories.  The highlight of the night: the best robot performance you’ve likely ever seen.  Really, and by someone you’d never expect.  Shane Sparks again joined permanent judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy for the auditions in Atlanta.

Here’s a look at all of the notable auditions from Atlanta:

Caitlin Cucchiara, the youngest audition ever

Caitlin just turned 18 a couple weeks before the audition, but her youth isn’t an issue.  She is, perhaps, the best audition we’ve seen this year.  Incredibly elegant and smooth.  She looked completely natural out there and the stuff she was doing was incredible.

Lock up the kids, it’s Chris Crabb

The creepiest dude to audition this year.  Chris is a schoolteacher, a nerd, and an N’Sync obsessive.  In fact, he has a Timberlake shrine in his bedroom.  Should teachers really have such things in their bedrooms?  No, the answer is absolutely not.  Anyway, he fancies himself a dancer.  He is not a dancer.

B-Boy Tony Velez

Tony loves Shane Sparks.  The man crush is evident, which means it’s a good thing that Tony can dance.  He’s a super athletic break dancer that can do a bunch of crazy moves while on his head.  Sliding on his head and whatnot.  Great stuff.  He is sent to learn some choreography. 

The Hip-Hop Clogger

I’m not all that familiar with cloggers, but I doubt many of them are like Brandon Norris.  Brandon starts his routine with some quasi-lame hip hop dancing, but when he breaks into the clogging parts, it is crazy.  It’s like high speed tap dancing and the judges are impressed.  They send him to learn some choreography.

At choreography, both Tony Velez and Brandon Norris impress and are sent to Vegas.  Overall, 31 dancers are sent to Vegas after the first day in Atlanta.

Atlanta, Day 2

Best Robot Ever

Bryan Gaynor is about four and a half feet tall, is in college, and has been suffering from Scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine.  Bryan, however, is one of the most talented dancers we’ve ever seen.  He is a robot dancer.  Here, it cannot be explained.  Watch the video:

Bryan didn’t make it to Vegas, but Shane Sparks says that there’s a very good chance that he can get Bryan into a movie he’s choreographing for the director of You Got Served.  Hopefully, that works out.

The Ex-Quarterback

Myles Johnson was on his way to becoming an All-American quarterback for his high school.  However, he broke his leg one day and, to help him recover, his coach recommended he do some ballet.  Well, Myles loved it so much that he quit football to focus on ballet.  His father wasn’t very pleased about this.  Myles isn’t bad, seeing as he’s only been doing it for 8 months.  The judges agree to let him learn some choreography.

A different, more talented Ashley Simpson

Ashley is an 18 year old blonde girl who is just a really good dancer.  The judges like her and send her straight to Vegas.

Kippery depresses everyone

Kippery, an nonathletic lady who is pushing three hundred pounds, believes she is a good dancer.  Why?  Because she recently shelled out $1400 to participate in a dance workshop where she was told she was a good dancer.  So, in reality, it was a huge sham.  Kippery is a horrendous dancer and a delusional person.  Not fun to watch.

Cowboy Chris

Chris Garmer is a former Marine Corps soldier who had to leave when he injured his shoulder.  Now he manages a cattle ranch.  He’s an energetic dancer, but nothing special.  His personality in infectious, however, and everyone loves the man.  He is kind and boisterous, and leaves on a happy note.

At the choreography round, Myles the QB surprisingly receives a ticket to Vegas.  And that is it.  Next week will be the Vegas rounds, where the judges will take over 200 dancers and eliminate all but ten guys and ten girls. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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Oscar Dahl

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