The third season of Lost already aired its final episode, in which rocker Charlie Pace, played by Dominic Monaghan, has been killed off. And with his departure, the 30-year old actor has expressed his sentiments on the award-winning show the catapulted him to stardom.

Monaghan has been working as a cast member on Lost since 2004 until his character met his untimely death while attempting to save other islanders in 2007. He has felt mixed emotions of relief, sadness and hope upon learning the death of his character. “My initial feeling was one of relief. And then there was a lot of excitement along with that, and then there’s a lot of sadness. I mean, you’re leaving things that you love. But my over-riding feeling was one of relief,” he has told Entertainment Weekly.

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“I think lots of people are gonna be pretty pissed off. Especially as there are others on the show they are more keen on having disappear,” he has added.

Looking back, his departure from the show has sparked some emotional moments. “One of the producers presented me with a paddle that had been made by the crew and the cast, and said a little speech about working with me on the show. He said some beautiful things and gave me the microphone, and I had a really hard time trying to get out exactly what I wanted to say without my voice faltering,” he has recounted.

Apart from the cast, another thing that he will miss as a cast member on Lost is the island setting. “It’s pretty fantastic to not be living in a metropolis. To wake up on a weekend and go for a run and swim in the sea and surf and eat sashimi and drink a Mai Tai at sunset – I’m acutely aware of how lucky I’ve been,” he has revealed.

On the other hand, he has many things to look forward to. “It’s time to move on. There’s a whole bunch of opportunities that have been up in the air as I couldn’t commit to them because of Lost,” he has added. The Berlin-born actor is currently in talks with US cable networks to host a natural history program. He also has plans to make a film in the near future.

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