We’re four episodes into Wayward Pines’ second season and I still can’t figure out how Rebecca Yedlin rolls. She’s intelligent, well-spoken, and rational (or is she?) and we want to like her. We want her to be a good person. But the question hangs over our heads: Was she part of the futuristic cryogenics project from the beginning? She seems to know a lot more than she’s letting on, my friends, but she also gives off a very genuine vibe. I’m flummoxed. 

Theo Yedlin is the most level-headed Wayward Pines character to date and even he questions Rebecca’s loyalties. We still don’t know what marital difficulties they were having 2,000 years ago in Hawaii, though it’s inferred it had something to do with their inability to have a baby. So, were you as thrown as I was with the obvious flirtations between Xander and Rebecca in “Exit Strategy?” Just whose side is this chick on? Is this flirtation a clue to her loyalties? Here are three reasons why she might have already drank too much of the Pines Kool-aid.

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#1 Rebecca Supports the Wayward Pines System

From the very first time we saw Rebecca she has been pro Wayward Pines. When she sees Theo for the first time after he’s been taken away from the town square with the rebels, she tells him to relax instead of planning an escape. What? If she’s been there for three years and she can relax in such a militant and controlling environment, it has to mean that she’s in agreement about how things are being done, doesn’t it? Remember how freaked out Kate was when she first saw Ethan Burke? She was a nervous wreck. She was clearly disturbed by everything she saw happening in Wayward Pines and she’d been there for 12 years already. Rebecca has been there three years and she’s not panicked at all. That can only mean one thing, folks.

#2 Pilcher Sought Out Rebecca For Wayward Pines

We’ve already learned that Pilcher, Pope and Pam were just as, if not more, interested in ‘recruiting’ Rebecca for the future Wayward Pines. Pam admits this to Theo’s face. The question is, what did they want Rebecca for? It certainly wasn’t for her ability to birth lots of babies. Was it her architectural expertise? Perhaps, but she was only defrosted three years ago and most everything was already built by then. Maybe it was because they needed someone who had influence over Theo and could convince him to go along with Jason’s plans for the people of Wayward Pines. Several times already we’ve heard her encourage Theo to tell Jason things or just be happy to be alive. This is mighty suspicious.

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#3 She’s Not Intimidated By Jason

In “Exit Strategy” Rebecca boldly disobeys the rules by not allowing Megan to enroll Lucy in the fertility program. When Megan threatens to tell Jason of her infractions, Rebecca fearlessly tosses it back in her face. She doesn’t do it aggressively though. She does it in a low, confident, taunting tone. Like she’s a protected race as far as Jason is concerned. 

What favors did she do for Jason that she would be untouchable? Was she a snitch when her lover, Xander, was plotting to overthrow the Wayward Pines militia? No, it has to be that she was one of the architects of the whole scheme. Just because she was only defrosted three years previously doesn’t mean she didn’t help with designing Wayward Pines two thousand years ago before she was frozen.

And what of this flirtation with Xander? It tells us that she has secrets. Secrets that she’s keeping from Theo. Secrets that she’s keeping from us. These secrets are going to be big because, well, this is Wayward Pines.  

Wayward Pines airs Wednesdays at 9pm on FOX.

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Catherine Cabanela

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