The killer is not making life easy for Audrey on Scream, and that continues in “Vacancy.” There’s another murder (but at least this one is an easy cleanup), and Emma is unknowingly in the room right next to the killer and a body — while Audrey is scrambling to keep her secret from being revealed. Meanwhile, Brooke is shocked when Branson returns, and Emma deals with her father being back and what he tells her.

Here are all the ways the killer has Audrey running around worried in “Vacancy.”

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Audrey Removes the Killer’s Note on Jake’s Body

Scream 203 1.pngAnd as the killer points out on the phone, she can’t call the police.

Audrey Expects Noah to Find Jake’s Body in the Storage Unit

To her surprise, his body is gone.

Just When She’s Feeling Relieved, She Sees There’s a Camera

She tries to get Noah to leave, but she makes the mistake of mentioning someone else showing. He realizes that’s why the lock was broken, that someone else was there and there could have been something to find. He sees the camera and takes it.

Audrey Panics as Noah Hooks the Camera Up to His Computer to See What’s on It

She even picks up a bookend. But fortunately for her, there’s nothing on it. It was just streaming.

The Killer Sends Her a Video of Her Removing the Note from Jake’s Body Once She Leaves Noah’s

Scream 203 2.pngThe Killer Calls Audrey and Tells Her to Be a Better Partner

She is to come to Crescent Palms or that video of her with Jake’s body will be posted in the comments of Noah’s podcast.

The Killer Sends Audrey a Video of Emma in the Next Room at the Motel

Scream 203 3.pngOh, and the motel clerk’s dead body is in the tub.

The Killer Leaves the Bloody Corkscrew in Audrey’s Car and Sends Another Message

Scream 203 4.pngNow Audrey has touched the weapon used to kill Eddie.

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