Gone are the days when we could spend the entire summer lounging on the beach or watching TV, free of all responsibility or 9-to-5 schedules. Working adults have only a few short weeks to enjoy the sunshine before we have to go back to our desk jobs. What’s even more tragic is that many of the places that would make great vacation spots, places that we’ve seen our favorite TV characters visit a number of times, don’t even exist. Here are a few of our favorite fictional locales that would make for a fun vacay.

1) Neptune, California, Veronica Mars

Right above San Diego sits the small coastal town of Neptune, California where Veronica Mars can be found hunting down criminals and solving mysteries. The town may be plagued by scandals and mysterious accidents but if you’re only popping in for a short visit, you can avoid all that and enjoy a few peaceful days at the beach with everyone’s favorite private detective. (Sorry, Inspector Gadget.) 

2) Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls

Do we even need an explanation here? Stars Hollow, the home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, is the type of quaint little suburb that every parent dreams about. Mix a bustling town center with a community of festive, kind people and what do you get? The perfect family-friendly vacation destination.

3) Storybrooke, Maine, Once Upon A Time

Storybrooke.pngIf you’ve ever wanted to coexist with your favorite fairytale characters, then Storybrooke from ABC’s Once Upon A Time is the place to be. The fictional Maine town (which is filmed in the very real province of Stevenson, Vancouver if you fancy a visit) is chock full of places to see including Storybrooke Coffee Co. and Granny’s Diner. Where else can you grab a coffee with Prince Charming and walk along the docks with Snow White all in the same day? 

4) Capeside, Massachusetts, Dawson’s Creek

dawson's creek.png
For those looking for a classic beachside getaway, look no further than Capeside, Massachusetts, home of Dawson Leery and the three friends that helped him survive high school. Bring your family down to Capeside for a nice seafood dinner at the Ice House or enjoy a peaceful sunset on the docks. 

5) Eureka, Oregon, Eureka

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by creative geniuses? Then maybe you belong in Eureka, the town from SyFy’s long-forgotten show by the same name. This Oregon town is known for housing wild inventors of all types, which means you’re bound to leave here with a number of crazy stories and maybe even a few futuristic souvenirs.

6) Kingdom of Dorne, Westeros, Game of Thrones

Okay, so this option is a little more far-fetched and perhaps a bit risky, but if you look past Dorne’s seedy citizens and Westeros’s high rates of violence, you will find a tropical vacation spot filled with charming ancient architecture and sprawling with wildlife. Grab some wine and a lawn chair and perch yourself atop one of Dorne’s many castles for a relaxing day of sunbathing.

7) Coeur d’Coeurs, Massachusetts, Pushing Daisies

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more colorful, why not try Coeur d’Coeurs, the hometown of Pushing Daisies’s Ned the pie maker. Walking along the whimsical streets of Coeur d’Coeurs and chowing down on some homemade pie at The Pie Hole will lift your spirits so high, you’ll never want to leave this little Massachusetts town.

8) Smallville, Kansas, Smallville

While Smallville can be dangerous, it’s also one of the only places where you can develop superpowers by doing seemingly anything. Sit outside during a meteor shower? Instant superpowers. Why sit at home when you could be transforming your family into The Incredibles or interacting with young Clark Kent in the flesh? This is an unprecedented opportunity.

These are our top 8, which TV town would you want to visit?

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Tyler Vendetti

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV