War is brewing on UnREAL Season 2 Episode 2, “Insurgent,” with Quinn and Chet battling over the show and Rachel trying to find out where she fits in. These morally questionable characters make some despicable moves, use choice language and turn on each other throughout the hour.

Check out the most despicable moments from “Insurgent.”


Every UnREAL episode has at least one Quinn-ism that makes you go “eww.” This week’s hour is  no exception. It may not be despicable, but it’s groin-worthy for sure. The Everlasting host, Graham, gives Quinn some of his suggestions for changing up his performance and she doesn’t want anything to do with that.

Quinn: “You know, and I can shoot pint-pong balls out of my vagina, but no one wants to see that either.”
Graham: “Ping-pong balls out of the vagina is fantastic.”

Confederate Controversy

While Rachel continues to pat herself on the back for having the first black Suitor on television, she doesn’t hold back from drawing drama and conflict from racist scenarios. She convinces Beth Ann to wear a Confederate flag bikini to meet the new Suitor. Ouch!

Of course, Beth Ann freaks out when she finds out the Darius is the Suitor and goes on the run. Does Rachel stop there? Nope. She talks Beth Ann into keeping the bikini on to meet Darius, even though the girl loves him. In a surprising turn of events, Beth Ann is able to turn the situation into a her favor by dropping her bikini top. She made quite an impression on Darius.

Surprisingly, Rachel’s move plays out well for the show, Beth Ann and Darius, despite being a despicable thing to do. Though, you gotta love Ruby for calling it what it was to Darius when she said,  “Look, I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. I mean, I just watched you create some racial rainbow moment with a bitch in a damn Confederate flag bikini, so…”

“Bye-bye, Wifey!”

When Tiffany is upset that Darius is the Suitor and wants off the show, Chet takes advantage of the situation and encourages her to get with one of the guys in Darius’ posse. Yuck! It’s all a ploy to get rid of Quinn’s “Wifey,” who she needs in order to frame the Everlasting story of the season.

Quinn and Rachel catch Tiffany in the act … literally. Rachel runs off to try and save their “Wifey,” but it’s too late. The cameras have caught everything and Chet’s not going to let it remain a secret. He’s out to destroy Quinn and if he ruins the show in the process, so be it.

There Goes … Money. Dick. Power.

After all that went down last season, Rachel and Quinn found a way to come together and be stronger for it, or so it seemed. They couldn’t even finish filming the first episode of Everlasting before Quinn turned on her showrunner and used her brutal month to cut down Rachel. The smackdown was unnecessary, cruel and devastating.

“I don’t know. Maybe your Mother was right. I mean, come on. We all know you’ve had episodes. You’re great… until you’re not. But you got a couple of whirligigs in there, you know? Which was fine before, but not so much if you want to be the boss. … Let’s just forget it. Why don’ t you just get back out there and make yourself useful.”


After Quinn berated Rachel, it made sense that Rachel would betray her mentor and try to steal Everlasting, right? Was it her most honorable move? No. Was it despicable? Borderline. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for both of the women.

Rachel makes a good case for taking over the show due to Chet and Quinn’s on-set battle, but given her history, did she really think Gary would give her control? Even in her presentation to him, she’s slightly off-kilter. If Quinn finds out what she did, there will be a steep price to pay.

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