For 11 seasons on Supernatural, Dean Winchester has been making the audience swoon. He might be fictional but you’re straight up lying if you’re a Supernatural fan of a certain persuasion and haven’t thought of what it would be like to date Dean. The life of a Winchester might be a little dangerous but it’s hard to deny that Dean, if you were lucky enough to make him settle down, would be the perfect boyfriend. Here are 9 reasons why. 

Have You Seen Him?

The first of reasons, is the most obvious. It’s no coincidence that Supernatural has the brothers take off their shirts off with regularity. Dean is a good-looking guy and he knows it too.

He’s Great with Kids

Dean’s short-lived domestic life with Lisa and Ben might not have worked out great in the end. While it lasted, though, Dean was an excellent surrogate father to Ben and surrogate husband to Lisa. It’s not just isolated to those two, either — Dean has been good at connecting with children the entire run of the series.

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His Extracurricular “Skills”

Dean is very good at killing monsters and demons. He’s also very talented in other arenas but I’ll just let you figure those out for yourself by watching this clip. 

He’s Loyal to a Fault

So yes, Dean’s relationship with his brother Sam might be a little codependent but one thing is for sure. Dean will do anything for the people he loves, literally anything. Even if that means dying over and over and over again. Speaking of which….

He’s Pretty Much Unkillable

Dean does live a very dangerous and deadly life but he always manages to come back to life. While dating Dean you get all the sexy bad boy nature of his job as a hunter and the security that if he dies, he will probably come back to life. 

The Way He Treats “Baby”

Maybe it’s not encouraging for some that Dean treats his beloved Impala as his wife because it is an inanimate object. However, you just have to look to the tender love and care Dean shows Baby for an indication about how he would be in a relationship. 

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His Great Singing Voice

So unlike Jensen Ackles, Dean does not have a great singing voice, at all. Yet it never stops him from belting one out. While you might not want Dean to serenade you, you should definitely want to spend a night with him at karaoke. 

He Oozes Charisma and Charm

Over the years on Supernatural, Sam and Dean have gained the eclectic group of allies. Most of those alliances though can be traced back to Dean’s occasionally brash, but persuasive and charming nature. How can you ever really stay mad at Dean when he is lovable?

His Great Sense of Humor 

Supernatural could be a huge downer for fans because, by and large, the Winchesters’ lives suck hard. Thanks to Dean’s sense of humor, which is occasionally sardonic and sarcastic but always funny, things never get too dour. Whatever your mood, it’s likely Dean would be able to turn your frown upside down. 

But what do you think? What reasons would make you want to date Dean? Do you think you’d prefer to date Sam instead?

Supernatural returns Thursdays at 9pm this fall on the CW.

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