Well, Tony’s about to have a very bad day on NCIS in “Charade,” and it’s just going to get worse the longer it — and the case — goes on.

In this episode, Tony’s identity is stolen by multiple perpetrators, and the fake Tony DiNozzos are blackmailing Senators.

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Watch the promo for “Charade”:

“How do I know you’re really you?” A deputy asks Tony at a crime scene, and the real Very Special Agent DiNozzo throws the question back at him. Yes, he feels “violated,” he agrees with Abby as she checks out his apartment, and to make matters worse, he’s going to end up being arrested for impersonating a federal officer. Poor Tony.

Check out a sneak peek of Tony distracted by his own problem:

Tony’s a bit distracted by the $20,000 he has in cash in his desk drawer when Bishop and McGee walk in, discussing the contest to name a new aircraft carrier. “Technically, it might be stolen,” he admits. “By me.” Before he can continue to explain, Gibbs hurries in, relieved to find him there. A deputy in Virginia found an NCIS special agent dead in a car crash — and it’s supposedly Tony.

Watch as Tony faces the aftermath of identity theft:

You know when you’re asked to take a survey at the end of a phone call? That question is extra annoying when you’re calling about fraud. While Tony’s dealing with his identity being stolen, the team is also trying to figure out who the guy was who’s responsible. The (dead) fake Tony was Scott Byers, a forger, and the working theory is he impersonated Tony, ran up the cards and extorted Senator Bransfield. They haven’t found Byers’ cell yet. But what did he have on Senator Bransfield that was worth paying $20,000? That’s what they hope the Senator can answer when he comes down to talk to them.

NCIS season 13 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on CBS.

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