It looks like Rick and his gang are in a pickle on The Walking Dead. In the season 6 finale, “Last Day on Earth,” the group loads up an RV with some very important people to get Maggie to the Hilltop, but it’s not such an easy trip as the Saviors manage to always be one step ahead of them. Meanwhile, Morgan manages to track down Carol, who doesn’t want to be saved. And we do find out the fate of Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Rosita.

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Saving Carol

Morgan continues on his journey to find Carol. Along the way, he finds a horse as a means of transportation. Eventually, he finds her curled up on a stoop, injured. He patches her up and tells her she needs more medical attention and that they will head back to Alexandria the next day. She tells him she doesn’t want to go back. She explains that she doesn’t want to be around people she cares about because she doesn’t want to kill anymore. She even pulls a gun on him to make him leave.

He heads outside to put a walker out of its misery and when he goes back into the library they were holed up in, Carol is gone. He goes back out looking for her.

Meanwhile, the only surviving Savior that Carol shot at is also looking for her. He runs into her in a small little town. They wrestle for a minute and then he pulls a gun on her. He tells her he’s going to watch her die and he shoots her arm. She begins to laugh and is happy she’s finally going to die. The man doesn’t like this, so he shoots her again and then starts to walk away. She taunts him to come back and finish her off. Just as he’s about to, Morgan shows up. And since the man doesn’t put the gun down, Morgan kills him.

Morgan quickly tends to Carol but realizes that it just might be a little too late. As he’s trying to collect her, two men show up in armor and on a horse. They say they mean no harm and ask what’s happened. Morgan explains and the man offers medical help to Carol. This is very interesting.

No Way Out

Back in Alexandria, the group gets ready to take Maggie to the Hilltop for medical attention. Rick leaves Gabriel in charge to protect the village. Carl locks Enid in a closet to keep her safe, even though she wants to go.

Rick, Abraham, Sasha, Carl, Eugene and Aaron all pile into an RV with a very sick Maggie. They encounter a group of Saviors. They head out to try and reason with them, and Rick pulls his “I’m in charge” act, but no one is buying it. In fact, this particular group has a victim with them, a man they beat up because he and his group broke the rules. The victim mentions something about a library, which I can only assume is the library Morgan and Carol found. And I can only assume that the man is part of the group who found Morgan and Carol too.

The spokesman of this Savior group threatens Rick, but he’s not having it, so they pile back into the RV and take another route. And they find that that route is blocked by a group of Saviors too. This time, they just turn around and drive away, despite some warning shots the group fires off. The third route is blocked by a chained-up line of walkers, some with tokens of Daryl and Michonne. Not a good sign. The fourth route is blocked by an even bigger group of Saviors. The fifth route is blocked by trees, and eventually the victim from earlier is thrown off a bridge and hanged for Rick’s group to see.

Eugene tells the group that it’s clear there is really no way to get to the Hilltop, so he will sacrifice himself and the RV while the rest of the group go on foot to get Maggie help. This, of course, is a horrible idea. But there are really no other options at this point.

And what do you know? Rick and company fall right into the Savior’s trap as they get surrounded.

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New World Order

The spokesman Savior greets the group, de-arms them and forces them to their knees. Dwight comes out and brings an injured Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and Rosita, and have them kneel too. And then out comes the infamous Negan.

And boy is Negan pissed. He is not happy Rick killed his people. He explains that there’s a new world order, and Rick and his people need to abide by it. That order is everyone gives Negan half of their supplies or he kills them. It’s that simple, he explains.

He then goes on to explain that they all work for him now and that he doesn’t really want to kill anyone; he just wants their stuff. However, since Rick’s group killed a lot of his men, he’s going to have to kill just one of them. But he isn’t sure who.

As he introduces Lucille, his barbed wire bat, he goes to each of the prisoners to figure out who he will beat to death. He picks on Carl and Maggie in particular. He’s not happy when Glenn cries out for Maggie. Since he can’t decide, he plays Eeny Meeny Miny Moe. And then he picks someone and the camera is now from the perspective of that person as he beats them to death. And we have no idea who that person is.

Or Do We Know?

I hate cliffhangers. I normally hate them on shows where we’re not sure if they are coming back. But we know The Walking Dead is coming back. And we know we’ll all be eagerly watching come fall. So why the cliffhanger?

Anyone who’s read the novels knows that it’s Glenn that falls to Negan and Lucille, but since the writers keep to the scenarios and big plot points but often change the characters, that might not be the case. As much as I’d hate to see Glenn die, though, I kind of hope it’s him that stays close to the novels. But then again, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if Rosita, Abraham or Eugene were Negan’s choice. Not that I don’t care about them; I just feel that the story could still move along, especially since Eugene gave Rick his bullet-making plans. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Abraham or Sasha, since Abraham was getting all sentimental about starting a family like Glenn and Maggie. And I don’t believe it’s Rick or Carl because Negan makes a comment before he beats the person to “cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father if anyone tries to stop me.”

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Overall, I think it was a great season and a good season finale. I would have liked to see Negan a little bit more that just 10 minutes, but his introduction was pretty bad-ass. He’s not a nice person, but he’s always a very interesting character and this was just scratching the surface. Plus, it was nice to see Rick actually scared for once. He’s always so sure that everything will work out because it always has, and now he’s in uncharted territory. It will be a very interesting season 7 for The Walking Dead.

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