Last time on Quantico, Shelby found out from Caleb that her parents were still alive. Wow, that will be one tense family get-together if they ever reunite. Miranda’s son, Charlie, shot one member of the terrorist cell that attacked Quantico. And Charlie was shot by his mother and a sniper who thought that he was the terrorist.

This episode of Quantico, “Clue,” reveals that Alex has a new and surprising ally — Hannah, Ryan’s ex-wife and Alex’s boss. I wonder why she suddenly believes Alex after taking Alex’s gun and badge.

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The Mark Raymond Experience

At Quantico, Liam has the NATS see a psychologist after the campus is attacked by a terrorist cell. Alex and Drew are deemed fine to continue, but there seems to be some doubts about Shelby’s fitness. She has found a coping mechanism and his name is Caleb. He wants to make sure that Shelby talks to him about her parents. As far as Shelby is concerned, they are dead to her.

Will is fascinated by Mark Raymond and how Caleb has secretly infiltrated the cult, Sistemics, that he joined as a teen to take it down from the inside. Will even finds out that the new head of the church is Danny Berlin. Berlin knows Caleb and will realize that Caleb is Mark Raymond. Yikes! I think that Caleb is making a huge mistake if he asks Will to pretend to be Raymond.

Truth or Consequences

Liam also tells the Amin sisters that they will need to make a statement to the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) about their involvement with the cell and whether or not Miranda knew about their involvement. Raina calls Simon to ask for his advice. If she tells the OPR that it was an off-book assignment, Miranda will lose her job as Raina is still a trainee. If Raina covers for Miranda, then Raina will be cut from the academy. Simon also urges Raina to tell Nimah about their friendship, but Raina is hesitant. 

Liam leads the NATS in a crisis management exercise. He also pulls Alex aside and explains to her that she must be a leader for the team. She is shocked and doesn’t want the position, but Liam tells her that they need her today. 

The NATS work in pairs to locate and arrest a perpetrator. Alex and Drew get into a squabble about Drew’s attitude since shooting a terrorist in the previous episode. The Amin sisters also argue about whether or not to tell OPR about Miranda’s involvement in putting Raina in the terror cell. 

If You Can’t Win…

After the exercise is completed, Liam sends the NATS into a simulated passenger plane to try out their new skills. The trainees will work in teams of two once again to make sure that the airplane doesn’t go down. It seems to be an exercise in futility, as Alex shoots a hijacker, but her bullet rips a hole in the plane and kills everyone on board. It is truly an unwinnable situation, but Shelby insists that they must win. Alex tries to rally the NATS. She partners with Shelby and they manage to take down two hijackers. There is a third hijacker with bombs strapped to her body. Shelby attempts to calm down the hijacker, and it is obvious that she is emotionally overwhelmed by the situation as her parents supposedly died on 9/11.

Liam helpfully tells the group that this is known as a “lose-lose situation.” Alex confronts Liam about putting Shelby through such a horribly traumatic experience. Later, Caleb explains to Alex about Shelby’s parents still being alive. Shelby confesses that she fears she did something wrong that caused her parents to abandon her. Alex encourages Shelby to find out more.

Where There is a Will, There May Be a Way

Will asks Caleb why he is going after Sistemics, and Caleb tells him that the reason is to rescue his best friend, Ross Edwards. They joined the church together, and Caleb never heard from Ross again. So Will decides to go undercover and practices sounding like a member of the church and calls himself John Baskin. Caleb is deeply concerned, especially when Will lifts up his fake sock drawer and reveals that when he has figured someone out, he crosses them off his photo collage. Nothing at all creepy about that, right?

Raina accuses Nimah of wanting to abandon Miranda. Raina also finally admits that she went to see Simon Asher. There truly seems to be no trust left between these sisters. When Raina and Nimah go to speak with the OPR, they meet Miranda on her way out. Miranda tells them that she admitted everything so that the blame would not fall on the Amin sisters.

Alex apologizes to Drew about their spat. She owns up to needing to learn to trust. Miranda addresses the NATS and bids the class goodbye. Liam wastes no time in asking Ryan to come back as a counselor.

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An Unlikely Partnership

Back in the present day, Simon and Alex present all of the information that they have to Hannah. If Alex was hoping that Hannah would be sympathetic to her plight, she was dead wrong. Hannah is furious that Alex lied to the Congressional committee, and of all the reckless behavior that Alex has shown while trying to keep her friends safe. When Alex tells Hannah, “I had no choice,” Hannah refuses to accept the other woman’s excuses. 

Alex desperately tries to convince Hannah that briefing the Director of the FBI would endanger the lives of many agents and also show “the voice” exactly what Alex knows. Hannah agrees to wait 24 hours, but only if she is in complete control of their actions from that point onward. Alex agrees. Hannah plans to get both Alex and herself assigned to Claire Haas’ security detail as “the voice’s” end game clearly involves Haas. 

Ryan stops Hannah to ask what she was talking to Alex about. Ryan believes Hannah’s story and mentions that Haas has changed her itinerary and is going to Ohio that night. Hannah, who switched the bottle of blood pressure pills in Haas’ purse as “the voice” instructed, figures out that because Haas is leaving that night, whatever is going to happen will happen that day.

Special Delivery

Hannah and Alex keep a close watch on Haas as part of her security detail, while Simon works his magic with facial recognition software from the apartment. Haas gets dizzy and sits down, probably because the pills have increased her body temperature.  Simon runs both of the approaching EMTs through the software, and they are both clean. 

Hannah takes Alex’s phone and attempts to send an e-mail to “the voice.” Before she can finish, she gets a call. Hannah identifies herself and states that she is now in charge, not Alex. “The voice” orders them to step away from the bullpen, which means that the terror mastermind is watching them. Hannah and Alex are ordered to bring a package with them that night to Claire Haas’ town meeting event. The envelope is being delivered to Alex’s apartment, and the unopened envelope must be put under seat K-15 at the town hall. 

While Alex is slipping the envelope under the seat, Hannah talks to her via a walkie and apologizes for being too hard on Alex. She also admits that she had an affair with a woman and that is how she broke Ryan’s heart. Suddenly, Ryan appears and demands to know what Alex put under the seat. That is not good at all.

A New Clue

Hannah tells Ryan that Claire Haas is looking for him. While he goes to see her, Simon calls Alex and divulges that he thinks that what is in the envelope is a component chip, which can knock out the power in a nearby area. Alex realizes that the envelope is gone just as the power goes out. Hannah and Alex fear that someone will use a gun with a thermal site to murder Claire Haas. A gun shot rings out, but who is the shooter? In the chaos, it looks like Hannah is cuffed and led away. 

Hannah is taken off of active duty for discharging her weapon. She encourages Alex to keep going and to stop “the voice,” but Hannah asks Alex to leave Ryan out of the situation. Ryan accuses Alex of setting Hannah up to take the fall, and he threatens that he will bring Alex down. Great — someone else who is trying to hurt Alex. 

Back at the apartment, Alex gets her next call from “the voice.” It states that their work is almost done. During the blackout, someone broke into a secure lab at Columbia, which was underneath the theater where Clair Haas was speaking. The plot involving Haas was just a smoke screen to hide the terrorist’s real motive.

I did like this episode of Quantico. I think that the time jumps make it a bit confusing, and I think that Hannah suddenly believing Alex is a bit too far-fetched.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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