Ready to meet Luke Alvez, the latest FBI agent to join the BAU? Coming from the Fugitive Task Force, Criminal Minds‘ newest series regular joins the team in the season 12 premiere as they continue to track down the convicts who escaped at the end of last season.

In “The Crimson King,” the BAU is tasked with capturing a killer, one of the 13 escapees, and as one of the sneak peeks released for this episode reveals, Luke has a history with the team’s next fugitive.

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See what Luke Alvez is like in the field:

One moment, Luke’s the guy facing down the barrel of a gun and claiming he doesn’t care if the guy escaped from prison as long as he gets paid. The next, the FBI has control of the situation and Luke’s the one with the gun in his hand.

Watch Reid meet the BAU’s newest recruit:

It seems that Luke has done his homework on the team, enough to know that Reid doesn’t shake hands. And as Reid knows from the file on their next fugitive, Luke caught Daniel Cullen three years ago. He was always a suspect, but they couldn’t get an ID so Luke’s partner went under deep cover and they caught him in the act. When Luke heard he broke out in May, he wanted to be the one to put him away again.

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Get to know Luke Alvez:

As Adam Rodriguez previews, Luke comes from a totally different world. He’s been leading the fugitive task force that’s helping the BAU find the 13 escapees, and through working together, a connection is made and they realize he could be a good addition to the team.

But as Luke tries to explain to Rossi in a clip when asked why he’s not on their team full-time, he’s a “man-hunter” and “no good … as a profiler.” Rossi disagrees.  

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