There’s a lot of guilt on Fear the Walking Dead, and a lot of confusion and trying to just find a place to survive. In the second half of season 2, the group has mainly been split up, but now they seem to be finding their way back to each other.

In this episode, “Date of Death,” Travis manages to make his way back to Madison, but he’s carrying a lot of guilt for what happened at the farm with Chris. Meanwhile, the group at the hotel is dealing with an influx of refugees after Madison turned on the hotel lights to get Nick’s attention.

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Letting Go

When we last left Chris and Travis, Chris had shot the farmer on the land that the group found. Despite his anger at the situation, Travis agrees to help James, the member of the group who the farmer shot before his death. Travis warns that James needs to stay in one spot before he can be moved.

While the group waits for James to heal, Travis buries the farmer and realizes that he doesn’t know his name. The group feasts on chicken, and Travis doesn’t really take part. He has a chat with Chris to find out what’s up and why he doesn’t have any remorse for killing the farmer. Chris tells him that it’s a different time now, and it’s either kill or be killed, much to Travis’s dismay.

After a week goes by, Brandon, the leader, decides that they are heading down to San Diego still. Travis warns that it’s a bad idea not only to move James but also to even leave the farm and head to the United States. Of course, the group disagrees. Before they leave, Travis searches through the farmer’s home to find out his name and carve it on the grave cross.

As they head out, James is having a lot of trouble in the truck bed and passes out. Travis begs Brandon to stop the truck, which he finally does. Back at the farm, while James recovers, Travis hears Brandon, Derrick and Chris talking about killing James. He barges in, tries to talk them out of it and takes their gun. He then stays by James’ side to protect him. While he watches over him, James tells Travis about their friend Troy, who he had to kill because he was bitten, so he understands why Brandon and Derrick want to kill him. Travis says the situations are different.

A few days later, Chris knocks on the barn door, claiming that he wants to talk and has brought food. Chris has a heart-to-heart with Travis about how he learned so much and how Travis was right all along. However, as they hug, Chris wrestles Travis to the ground and holds him down while Brandon barges in and kills James.

Brandon, Derrick and Chris pack up the truck to head out, while Travis begs Chris to stay. Chris says they are better off going their separate ways and doesn’t even look back as they drive away, leaving Travis alone at the farm. Travis must stay a couple days, buries James and then heads out on his own, where he sees the hotel lights turn on from a distance.


Madison and her hotel friends are dealing with the consequences of her turning on the hotel lights. A group of refugees are begging and pleading to be let in at the gates. As they tell the group that they can’t let anyone in, they all give sideways glances at Madison because it’s her fault the refugees are there. At the back of the crowd, though, Madison spies Travis. He manages to work his way to the gate, and they let him in.

Once inside the safety of the hotel, Travis is not himself. He’s still dealing with losing his son and letting not only himself down but also letting Liza, his dead wife, down. He tells Madison what happened once they separated, and he feels guilty for not protecting Chris, for not just going along with him and for not saying “I love you” before Chris drove off. Madison assures Travis that everything will be okay — though Travis isn’t convinced.

After listening to Travis speak about family values, Madison realizes she has to apologize to Alicia for the way she dotes on Nick and why she feels she has to protect him all the time.

She finds Alicia in the hotel parking garage, where she and Andres are examining the refugees. Andres tells her that there are 43 refugees and not enough supplies at the hotel to support that. He says he will examine everyone, and then the group needs to come up with a plan on how to weed out which ones will stay and which ones will go.

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An Apology

Before Madison can deal with any of that, though, she and Alicia head to the pier to chat. Madison tells Alicia the truth about her father’s death and how he left a note in the car that he crashed. She tells Alicia that she sees so much of their father in Nick, and that’s why she worries all the time. She adds that she kept the truth from Nick and Alicia because of Nick and that Alicia deserves better.

Later, as Travis finally relaxes in a shower, some more refugees show up outside the gates, including Brandon and Derrick. We don’t see Chris, though, but that doesn’t mean he’s not there.

What Now?

Clearly, Madison’s great idea to lure Nick back to her was not a very good idea in the end. While she and Travis are reunited, they now have to deal with a lot of unwanted guests — though Andres does have the right idea, to make sure everyone is healthy and then figure out a system to allow more to join their group. The reality is that the hotel is a good place to have a lot of people stay, but because of the mental state of basically everyone in the world, it’s not really safe to have so many people in one spot — at least not without a plan and, of course, supplies.

And what are Brandon and Derrick doing at the gate? I guess they saw the hotel lights too. I wonder if they know that Travis is there. And I can only imagine what he’ll do when he sees them. I do hope that Chris is with them, but it would definitely add more conflict if he’s not. Travis would probably go into an even deeper hole than he is now, and he would feel more guilty for letting Chris out of his sight.

I’m sure Madison feels much better now that she has revealed the truth about her husband’s death. It’s a secret she’s been carrying around for so long. Now the question is, if she and Nick are united, will she tell him too?

They still have so much to learn on Fear the Walking Dead. While the group has certainly adapted well in season 2, they still have a lot more growing to do.

What do you think? Do you think Madison and/or Travis has what it takes to lead and organize a group? Do you think someone else should lead the group at the hotel? Do you think Chris or Nick will be reunited with their family? Let us know in the comments below.

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