Was Alex going to turn himself in? Was Meredith going to turn Alex in? Those were the questions for the Grey’s Anatomy season 13 premiere, “Undo,” once DeLuca was brought into the hospital and Alex’s bruised hand wasn’t going unnoticed.

Here’s what happened leading up to Alex and Meredith’s confessions in “Undo.”

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Alex Rode with DeLuca to the Hospital, but Avoided Questions About What Happened

Greys 1301 arrival.pngWhile the Doctors Treated DeLuca, Alex Only Spoke About His Injuries

Still, while he was conscious, DeLuca reacted to seeing Alex above him. And Alex still didn’t answer the questions about what happened and who was responsible.

Meredith Saw the Aftermath at Alex and Jo’s

She put the pieces together and went to the hospital, leaving Jo in Richard’s care.

Meredith Confronted Alex and Gave Him an Excuse for His Hand

Greys 1301 coverup.pngWhat he did was assault, she pointed out, and she had a duty to report him to Bailey. He, in turn, told her he came home and DeLuca was on top of Jo, who was drunk. Still, there was the matter of explaining his bruised hand, so Meredith told him he slipped in the rain.

Maggie Asked Meredith What Happened, and Meredith Lied

She didn’t know, she claimed to her sister.

Though Meredith Suggested Alex Turn Himself in, She Didn’t Push It

Alex wanted to try to talk to DeLuca before he said anything and wanted to wait to see how bad it was. Instead of pushing him to talk to the police, Meredith agreed to check his scans for Alex.

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Alex Lied to Ben and Used Meredith’s Excuse About His Hand

Greys 1301 ben.pngAfter asking if Alex talked to the police yet — to which Alex asked “why?” — Ben commented on his hand. He slipped in the rain, Alex told him. DeLuca would clear everything up once out of surgery, Ben assured him, so if there was anything … Alex only said he got him to the hospital and helped him.

Meredith Once Again Lied to Maggie

While looking at DeLuca’s scans, Maggie wondered what happened and Meredith suggested it could have been a mugging.

Alex Refused to Hear Jo’s Explanation

At first, he told her it wasn’t her fault that DeLuca pushed himself on her, but when she tried to explain what actually happened, he didn’t listen and instead blamed how she was (or was not) raised for how easy it was for her to throw people away.

Meredith Insisted It Wasn’t “Blind Loyalty” That Kept Her from Turning Alex In

Ben had his suspicions, but he wasn’t saying anything because he knew what it was like to react in a split second and have something horrible happen, he explained to Meredith. She in turn told him that Alex had earned her loyalty: “When I first got here, he was one of the worst people I had ever met in my life. And now he’s one of the best. And I know both of those people are still in there. I just want to make sure the right one wins.”

Once Meredith Found out the Truth, However, She Knew Who the “Bad Guys” Were

Greys 1301 badguys.png“We’re the bad guys,” she told Alex after talking to Stephanie, who had spoken to Jo. Not DeLuca, not Jo. Alex still wanted to try to talk to DeLuca.

Alex’s Plan Didn’t Go Well

DeLuca (understandably) began freaking out upon seeing Alex in his room. All Alex could do was offer an apology before leaving.

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“I have to do something that I don’t want to do.”
– Meredith to Riggs

Meredith Told Bailey the Truth

Greys 1301 confession.png“It was Alex … The person who beat up DeLuca. It was Alex.”

Maggie Found out the Truth Because Bailey Ordered Her to Call Security

Alex wasn’t to leave the hospital, Bailey informed her, and Maggie put the pieces together — including that Meredith knew and didn’t say anything.

Alex Turned Himself in and Was Arrested for Aggravated Assault

Greys 1301 arrest.png
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