Who’s ready to see their Office universes collide? It’s the weird moment Office fans have been waiting for: Tonight, Ricky Gervais cameos on The Office as David Brent, the original Michael Scott before Michael Scott was even Michael Scott. And we’ve got the moment right here, so you can sneak a peek before the episode, or simply play and replay after you watch all of “Seminar” when it airs at 9pm tonight on NBC.

Even if the cognitive dissonance gives you an icky feeling deep inside (that’s what she said), I dare you not to smile as David and Michael share a brief and magical encounter. Dare you. WATCH:

See! That wasn’t so weird, was it? It was actually kind of awesome. Maybe even comforting, in a way? Like, as if to show that even though Steve Carell is leaving our Office, he’ll never really leave. He’ll live on, in our hearts and DVD shelves. And possibly in a cute little cameo on whatever the next Office spin-off is. Or, even if that cameo never happens, he’ll join David Brent in Office Boss Heaven, where they’ll hug and make bad racist impressions and dirty jokes forever and ever amen. It makes me feel better, the way a dream can make you feel better even when you know it’s not real.

Now that we’ve got Brent on the brain: What’s your favorite David Brent/Ricky Gervais memory from the UK Office? Here’s one of mine, featuring Keith, aka British Kevin:

(Image courtesy of NBC)