Unless you’re still reeling from Monday night’s rather incredible episode (and kiss!), then you are probably ready for more spoiler-y news about Castle. Even if you’re not, it’s coming at you anyway. Get ready!

Double Date Night
Sorry, Castle and Beckett won’t be involved. They’re not quite at the dating point yet (kiss! aside), but the other two detectives very much are. Both Ryan and Esposito have recently been shown in romantic relationships, so it makes perfect sense that these “bros” would take their ladies out together. Alas, sense and actual outcome aren’t always the same thing.

According to TVLine, the two junior detectives will take their significant others — Ryan’s fiance Jenny and Lanie the medical examiner — out on a double date. Ryan and Esposito may make it to the end of the evening as close as ever, but spoilers rumor that the ladies will not get along quite so well.

But this is TV, so we can at least hope that they’ll be BFFs by the end of the episode.

Casting for the Two-Part Terrorism Episode
We reported earlier that Adrian Pasdar (formerly of Heroes fame) will appear at the end of February as Eric Fallon, an FBI agent sent to New York to deal with a terrorism threat. Now, spoilers from TVLine indicate that Pasdar’s role will be in a two-part episode.

Additional casting news is out as well. Piter Marek will also appear in the episode as an entrepreneur who tries to “look as American as possible.” I guess that means he’s not American, although the spoilers don’t give such details. Could we be looking at a villain here? Or just a red herring? Marek has previously appeared in Ugly Betty and Sex and the City 2.

Soaping It Up!
As you will know from earlier news, Castle will be airing a soap opera-themed episode in semi-homage to star Nathan Fillion’s earlier work on the soap One Life to Live. Now, TVLine is reporting that the murder victim of the week will be a soap opera writer. Also, several actual soap opera actors will appear as… soap opera actors.

The episode, entitled “One Life to Lose,” will air on March 21.

What do you think of the news? Leave your opinions and theories in the comments section below!

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